True Lies

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Kathy tells us in a confessional that they immediately started talking about the two tribes. We see Kathy telling Rob that she and Zoe were "like the moms" because they were all about cleaning the place up. Rob says, "You and Zoe feel you're pretty close?" And Kathy says she did feel close to Zoe -- again insisting that they were like moms. Not mothers of rival high-school cheerleaders in Texas, but the good kind of mom. Cookie bakers. Rob thinks it's "unreal!" and Kathy enthusiastically says, "Yeah!" believing that Rob is commending her on the closeness of her relationship to Zoe. She seems genuinely perplexed when Rob alleges that Zoe and John both told him they'd vote Kathy off first. Kathy borrows Neleh's bug eyes in response. In a confessional, Rob reveals that neither of them knows if the other is telling the truth, "just like nobody in this game knows who's telling the truth." Kathy tells us that -- based on conversations with Gina -- she thought Rob was just a "lazy kid," so she's having a hard time knowing what to believe. Rob asks Kathy what Gina said about him, and Kathy responds, "You're a lazy bum and you don't care about anything." If that wasn't direct enough, she adds that Gina also called him "two-faced" and "mean." And also that he's ugly and his mother dresses him funny and that he's too flat for that training bra he's wearing and should just give it up. Oooh, my junior-high experience just seeped in there, didn't it? Rob maintains his surprised act and insists that it's "unreal." He claims that just by talking to Kathy, he might be ensuring his own exit, because if the others find out he revealed their diabolical plan, he'll be the first one voted off. He also points out that, in that scenario, Kathy would be second to go. He then grins and proposes, "You wanna make a pact, me and you?" Kathy says something that I think has been edited because her lips don't match up to her words at all. Rob desperately insists that the others will never know and that it will just be the two of them. In a confessional, Kathy says that she thought the pact was okay, but that it happened so quickly and Rob wanted it so badly that she just agreed. They shake on it, and then go back and forth about being "serious." As opposed to ha-ha funny? Kathy says, "Don't stab me," and Rob answers, "You don't have to ask me twice," which is a random thing to say, because it wasn't a question. Rob explains in a confessional that both John and Kathy think they have alliances with him, and that he's lying now, just like he's been lying throughout the game.

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