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The members of Rotwo wade out to greet the others as they arrive, Rotwo carrying sticks and oars and other potential instruments of assault and battery. Kathy tells us that she returned to Rotwo with hesitancy, and we see her stiff-arm a hug from Tammy as they agree that it's good to see each other. She explains that she was aloof toward her former tribemates because of what "Boston Rob" told her, and she's disappointed that their original loyalties are gone. Zoe and Kathy wring out the flag together, and Kathy is barely civil as Zoe claims that the tribe is so much better now that they've merged into one. Kathy tells us again that since she didn't trust anyone at Rotwo, she was quiet, and hung at the "outer rim." If she'd been quiet to begin with, then she might not have been their target in the first place. Rob is excited to reveal the new buff and flag, but Vecepia is more excited about the new name and hopes it serves the Lord. Rob, pre-emptively defensive, explains that they only had thirty minutes to make the flag; he then announces that the tribe's new name is "Soliantu," but he can't remember what it means. Kathy chimes in, "Sacred allegiance to the sun," which Rob repeats while sounding confused. They do a "Soliantu!" cheer, which is sadly free of cheer hands. The new flag is bright, colorful, and quite possibly plays homage to Barney. Because it's pink. Really pink. I always thought they tried to pick colors consistent to their Survivor locales, but I'm not sure where the hot pink fits in here. And does it bother anyone else that we didn't see Rob and Kathy hashing out the new tribe's name and flag decoration? If indeed this show is about creating a "new society," then wouldn't those elements be key?

Now Robert's name appears now in light pink on the screen as he tells us in a confessional that they got their new name and buffs, which, he unhappily points out, are "uh, pink buffs, uh." He says the women are really happy about it, which I can't imagine is all that true. I mean, pink is fine by me. But hot pink is another story entirely. And do Zoe and Tammy seem like the kind of women who would be particularly excited by the prospect of donning a pink piece of clothing? Robert tells us that "real men don't wear pink," and then we see Tammy teasing him about it. Robert now explains that once they got the raft on shore, the group worked like "busy little beavers." He says they were happy to be back together again and "it was like old times." Aw.

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