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A hairless male gets a shirtless backrub from Neleh. Actually, it may be a hairless woman receiving the backrub, but it's night-vision time so it's difficult to tell. Neleh appears to be really into it, so she must be fairly confident that the backrub recipient is cootie-free. Tammy wears her new pink buff and tells us that a few of the S10 thought that lying shouldn't happen in the game, and suggested the motto, "Let's not lie. Ever." Tammy thinks it's great in concept, but not realistic. Vecepia braids Zoe's hair because Zoe doesn't "want any bugs crawling in [her] ears," which, I think, is a reasonable request. As the tribe beds down, various unlikely snuggling partnering ensues. Tammy continues in her voice-over that this is a game about being smart, and that lies might be part of that. She says she went into the game knowing she'd do what she needed to do to win, and that it might entail telling a lie or two. She hopes the others will still like her, and she doesn't intend to lie to their faces, but she does expect to win. In short, her ethics mandate that she only lie behind other people's backs.

It's now Day 21 at pink Soliantu. Rob, Kathy, and Zoe cross paths in the woods, and Rob wants to talk to the two women privately. He asks who they're voting for. Kathy says she hasn't decided yet, but Zoe snaps that it isn't any of his business. Rob howls, "I find you amazing, Zoe!" and Zoe says, "Excuse me?" Rob repeats himself, but I think her "excuse me" had nothing to do with whether she heard him. Rob says that he trusted Zoe, but now everyone is lying. Kathy starts talking about "tribal loyalty" and the "ghost of Rotu," but I'm not sure whether she means Rotu or Rotwo loyalties. Rob responds, "Right. But that wasn't the way it was supposed to be, was it, Zoe?" Rob is very good about using people's names when addressing them, which is a business technique, but also something he overuses -- kind of like Sean would on Felicity. He names all of the Rotwos individually as complicit to the Kathy-outing agreement, and Zoe unconvincingly plays dumb. Too bad it's not Neleh, who wouldn't have to play at anything. Zoe says, "Agreement about..." and insists that she doesn't "remember" such a conversation. She then says, "How do you ever get that?" and Rob parrots her in disbelief. Rob rants that he'll tell everyone tonight, but I'm not sure who he thinks he'll be telling. He then wants a yes or no answer regarding whether Zoe said she'd vote for Kathy, and she pauses for about twenty seconds before answering, "No." He says, "You paused. And you lied," then claims that he did see it coming; he had only a small amount of trust to begin with, "and it completely got shattered." Well, better to shatter a shot glass than a mirror, I guess. Kathy then stomps off while ranting that everyone is lying. It sounds like Rob might call her "hysterical," but I'm not entirely sure. Then Kathy yells, "I haven't lied once, man! I don't know what this stupid game's about, but I'm outta here!" The others trail behind, Zoe still claiming innocence. She says she doesn't know what Rob wants from her, and he says he's irritated that she's lied to him over and over again. The cameras follow Kathy all paparazzi-like as she snits off through the woods and then -- still fully clothed -- belly-flops into the water and symbolically washes herself clean. She tells us in a frenzied confessional that "they're all lying to me," adding, "And I'm being played as a pawn? A pawn!" She says she believes Rob even though it doesn't make any sense to her, and that she needs immunity. She then rocks back and forth in the water and mumbles to herself while repeatedly shaking her head.

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