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It's raining at Ogakor, which probably means it's raining at Kucha, too, although we'll never know. We see lots of night-vision shots of uncomfortable Ogakor members, and Keith and Maralyn trying to keep the fire lit in the darkness. Come morning, they're all very tired and Tina tells us it was "pretty miserable." Wet Dog says it poured, and Keith explains that they were up all night trying to keep the fire going. Jerri recharges in her cesspool and tells us that she's a little bothered by the decline in energy. Mitchell says he was so weak walking to get the mail that the trip was "treacherous" for him. I wish he'd said that just a little louder so the others would hear and realize what a dud he is. He goes on to say he thinks he might not even be able to do the challenge, and how much of a wussy is he? The clue for the immunity challenge is about being between a "hard place and a rock" and about being "tied up." Ogakor deduces incorrectly that it has "something to do with rocks," although Lamber gets it right when she jokingly suggests they'll be tied together. Colby tells us he's as tired as he's been the whole seven days he's been there, and that he knows he won't be a strong as he's been in the past, which is still probably twice as strong as any of the other S14.

Peachy tells the competitors that the challenge is "very simple in concept and very tough in execution." It's an obstacle course that involves, among other things, sliding down a "logshoot" into a river and a "sprint across the sand." Peachy announces that this task will take "physical endurance, flexibility, and teamwork," all traits he's proven he has, except for the endurance, flexibility, and teamwork parts. Peachy then announces that each team will be tied together throughout the event and uses one of his favorite catchphrases: "You're only as fast as your slowest member." The camera then zooms in on the immunity idol, which looks like it grew ears, or borrowed Elisabeth's hat. Nick leads the Kucha team. Colby brings up Ogakor's rear, which turns out to be quite literal as he spends most of his time bringing Maralyn's rear up off the ground. Keith, who's up front for Ogakor, looks like he's dying. Seriously, this is by far the most difficult challenge I've seen in either season. The S14 look like Gervase did in the Bungle in the Jungle last season, except they're actually working and not just pretending to be.

Kucha leads as the teams hit the sand sprint, and we see a shot of both teams through fire, which make them look even more desperate...and the resulting smoke inhalation can't help. Rodger falls and can barely get to his feet. Nick tries to help him and for a while I was wondering why no one just picked him up, but really, they all seem as though they can barely support themselves here. This was painful to watch as Rodger's knees keep buckling under -- it looked like a scene from a war movie or something, compounded by the dramatic war movie music playing in the background. Just as Ogakor is about to pass Kucha, Maralyn bites it and Colby can't pick her up in time to save the day. Kucha crosses the finish line first and I heave a giant sigh of relief because my Rodger has immunity for another week, and because he didn't die during the challenge. At this point, Kucha starts celebrating and Ogakor heave themselves about in dismay. Jerri looks around for a cesspool to energize in. Elisabeth does another cheer with an enormous amount of energy, and it's too bad she can't share some of it with Rodger, who keeps insisting that he can't breathe. Kimmi says that, "when it comes to teamwork and heart, Kucha's got it," which I think is true. As the teams leave the challenge, we see members of Kucha, including Elisabeth, Kimmi, and Jeff, alternately helping Rodger back. It'd be pretty cool if Rodger kept up this frail act until he safely made the merger, and then busted out the hardbody behavior. But I'm not holding my breath.

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