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Amber cries as Ogakor heads back to their camp. Maralyn looks resigned and most likely, at this point, she knows she's headed home although she may not know her route will be guided by a Southern "star." Keith tells us that "Mad Dog Maralyn" had a tough time in the challenge, and Mitchell says that had they voted for Mad Dog instead of Kel in the prior challenge, they'd have immunity right now. I'm waiting for Mitchell to find a way to blame that one on Keith. Cowboy says of an unnamed though obviously rabid household pet that "she's ready," and that "she would be very understanding." Tina then says, "We're gonna need Keith," and at first I thought she meant they'd need Keith's vote to get Maralyn off, and then I decided that she meant they need Keith to win more challenges. Tina tells us, "It's sad, but it's also a very strategic move," which clued me in that it's not just Tina's manner of speaking that makes her appear dumb. "A very strategic move?" I thought at this point the vote wasn't going for Mad Dog, since that wouldn't even qualify as a "strategic move," better yet a "very strategic" one. Tina also tells us that everyone is wondering what everyone else is thinking at this point, which seems like a lie since we know she knows what at least four of the others are thinking. Jerri, at least, is honest, and tells us that five of them are voting the same way although she doesn't say for whom. Keith's vote is not going toward Maralyn because, "Why should we lose her? For what? 'Cause she fell a few times? Cause she's older? Why? What kind of team is that?" A crappy one. Keith would rather see Mitchell go, who he says performs just as poorly in the challenges as Maralyn does. We see Keith telling Tina and Colby his plan, after which they thank him and walk away. Keith tells us, "At least with Colby, we could discuss it, probably disagree upon it, and it'll stay with us." If "stay with us" means run to Mitchell and rat Keith out, then by all means he's right. Keith seems a bit naive in all these maneuvers -- I hope I'm wrong about it or he's definitely Jerri's next prey. Mitchell seems very disturbed by the thought that anyone could cast a vote against him. He tells us in a choked up voice, "Keith's trying to pull around a swing vote to try to keep me out." He then says, "Why do we want to kick out our fun Maralyn and then keep the pessimist and the back-stabber?" And I can't tell if this is supposed to be Mitchell's opinion, or if he's looking at it from Keith's view. Cowboy tells us, "Keith and Mitchell and Maralyn are neck and neck from Tribal Council." Although it's more like neck and sternum in the case of Maralyn and Mitchell. Or Mitchell and Keith, come to think of it. Seven feet is pretty damn tall.

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