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It Was Just My Machinations Runnin' Away With Me

A racing landscape shot leads us to a field with targets from the flaming arrow challenge, carts, and other familiar obstacles. An elephant looks like it's heralding the arrival of the S5 with its trunk, but really he's just eating in preparation to taking another big old crap in their water hole tomorrow. Peachy instructs the S5 to "fall in," and tells Tom to "give it up, baby." Tom has difficulties removing the immunity dog collar because his nose is "a little large," so he asks Peachy to unbutton it for him. Peachy explains that the challenge, "obviously a big one," will play on one of the main qualities of winning the game: "The ability to learn from past mistakes." He says the S5 will each have a second chance at elements from previous challenges -- some will be physical, some will be mental -- and the winner will have to excel at all of them. The first part is a puzzle ladder. The assembled ladders will then be used to climb to a net which they will cross. On the other side of a net are carts containing puzzle pieces. The S5 are instructed to drag their carts to a nearby "puzzle platform" and assemble the puzzle there. They will then climb under a ladder crawl and arrive at the target, which must be ignited with an arrow. Peachy repeats that it's a big challenge. He points out -- as if they might not be aware -- that whoever wins will automatically be in the final four. He proclaims them "all strong competitors," and then sneezes (which sounds suspiciously like "notKimj") into a fist; he announces that "this is game day."

As the challenge begins, Kimj can barely pick up the individual pieces of her ladder. Meanwhile, Ethan does some sort of hokey-pokey-like dance amongst the ladder pieces. Tom, Ethan, and Lex Loser simultaneously raise their assembled ladders, and Lex Loser and Tom both reach the top before Ethan does. Tom then tumbles on the net; his hat falls off, and instead of leaving it behind, he carries it with him. Hey! Kimj is actually ahead of Teresa. We see a shot of her slowly scooting down the net while Teresa runs on it. I guess Kimj won't be ahead for long. Lex Loser has already finished his puzzle and begins the belly crawl. Peachy announces that Lex Loser is "on his last leg" (which is surprisingly close in verbiage but remote in meaning from being "on his last legs"). Lex Loser's very first arrow ignites (because Satan has a way with fire), and even Lex Loser is surprised by this immediate success -- he's madly scrambling for a second arrow when Peachy proclaims him the victor. At first, it looks like Lex Loser is going to handle the victory modestly, but then the cackling rises up from within. Teresa hustles over to congratulate him, and for once Tom's on the receiving end of some butt patting. Peachy says, "Lex Loser, after a temporary vacation, evidently it likes this home a little better" as he puts the collar around Lex Loser's neck. They do a double-handed handshake, and Peachy proclaims Lex Loser "safe" for the next Tribal Council; to the others, he says, "One of you is going home!"

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