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It Was Just My Machinations Runnin' Away With Me

Ew! A little bug is eating a big bug! Or a big bug is eating a little bug! I can't tell!

Lex Loser tells Teresa that he knows they'll see each other more, and talk. He may mean after Survivor is over, but I'm not sure. He tells us in a confessional that he and Teresa had a pre-Tribal Council "heart-to-heart." He says she's the odd one out now, and "she's in a mess of hurt." While they continue their conversation, he seductively lies on his side with his head propped up by his arm. He tells Teresa, "Somehow we worked it out to where everyone who's left is a sweet person." For some reason, this comes across as an intensely sexual conversation to me. Ew.

Teresa tells us in a confessional that time is "bittersweet" for her, because she knows she'll be the next to go unless she thinks of something quickly. We then see Teresa warning Lex Loser to "watch [himself]," because "even with alliances, people have their own agendas." That sneak! That snitch! That strumpet! Okay, maybe the last one doesn't apply...but I like the sound of it. Teresa tells us that she had several options to turn the game around, but Lex Loser's immunity foiled her plans. She explains that her only remaining option was to try to turning Lex Loser and Kimj against Tom. Teresa murmurs to Lex Loser that "a little birdy" whispered in her ear, when she first joined the Boran tribe, that she should be wary of Lex Loser. ["At this point, I was sure she must have meant Clarence, because Tom was over with the Samburus, and also because Teresa voted against Lex at the first post-merge Tribal Council." -- Wing Chun]

In a confessional, Lex Loser says that Teresa was obviously struggling with something, so she called the others over to confess. Teresa tells us that when she knew she was going to be voted off next, she had nothing to lose, so she decided to fess up to the vote heard round the world (or obsessively in Lex Loser's head, anyway.) Teresa tells Kimj and Lex Loser that she changed her vote to Lex Loser because before they left for Tribal Council "somebody" whispered that she should "watch out for Lex [Loser]." Lex Loser wants to know who committed this most egregious of deeds, and she innocently says, "I can't tell ya!" Lex Loser says he "sincerely hopes it was Kelly," but Teresa is noncommittal. Lex Loser sounds disbelieving as he asks, "Did Tom tell you not to trust me?" He says that Tom is the only person he can think of -- maybe that's because Tom is the only one left. Lex Loser tells us that Teresa looked at him and nodded her confirmation. Lex Loser keeps repeating that he doesn't understand. In a confessional, he tells us that Tom gave Teresa "the green light" to vote against Lex Loser. We then see Lex Loser still struggling over whether to believe this information, and then Kimj says Tom also approached her on more than one occasion to vote against Lex Loser. She says Tom didn't want to cast the vote himself, though, and that she wasn't willing to do it for him. Lex Loser shakes his head resignedly and says, "It's a pity." Meanwhile, Tom and Ethan are naïvely going about their wood-collecting. Teresa says in a confessional that Tom wants Lex Loser out of the game, but wants everybody else to do "the dirty work" so that he'll look like a good guy. Lex Loser tells the others that he doesn't think the people on the jury know the evil side of Tom. He thinks that's a problem, and that's why he has a hard time voting against Tom. Huh? And, huh? Again, if everyone on the jury thinks Tom is so great, why would Lex Loser want to keep him around? ["It's possible that Lex thinks the people on the jury think that Lex is great, too; he could have that little sense of how he comes across to others." -- Wing Chun] These people don't seem to understand the point of the game...not that that surprises me.

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