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It Was Just My Machinations Runnin' Away With Me

Lex Loser appreciates that Teresa confessed to him; then Kimj thanks Teresa, too, but whatever. I hate Kimj; she's just a lousy hanger-onner. Teresa skips away thinking she's saved her own ass, and Lex Loser tells Kimj, "It just got way more sinister." Kimj tells us in a confessional that Tom is "insular in his thinking." She insists that he's only looking out for himself most of the time, and that "whatever Tommy wants to do, Tommy does, regardless of its effect on other people." Kimj, however, only does what other people want her to do. Lex Loser tells us in a confessional that he's ultimately responsible only for himself. He says that the game has gone into "cutthroat mode," and that if he thinks Tom is going to screw him over and stab him in the back, he'll "cut [Tom's] throat." Meanwhile, Tom innocently tries to figure out how this thing called a calendar works. Then, Mark Burnett tugs on an invisible string, and a flag falls over.

In what might be the most heavy-handed special effect yet on Survivor, as the members of Mofo Maji exit their boma to head off for the challenge, they each grow fainter and then disappear. This is, of course, meant to symbolize the dissolution of the tribe or some such garbage. Spooky music plays, too, because they're all just ghosts to each other. My senses can barely take in all this beautiful symbolism.

The S5 settle into their seats at Tribal Council, and I notice that Tom is looking at the ground the whole time. Peachy brings in the four-member jury. Frank is wearing Brandon's skirt from last time, Kelly has slightly tramped out, and Brandon thinks he's headed down a catwalk. Kimp looks exactly as she did on the show. Peachy says he has to call attention to something he noticed when the jury first walked in. He points out that Kelly's shirt has the word "shameless" on it, and he "can only imagine" that it hearkens back to last week's Tribal Council, when Lex Loser mentioned the "walk of shame." Of all people, Kelly -- sorority girl man-handler that she is -- should know what a real walk of shame is. Lex Loser insists that the term was coined amongst the tribe a long time ago, and became a common expression for a variety of activities around camp. He says the expression has nothing to do with the jury being a shameful place, and that it in no way suggests that they are slutty, disgusting, self-hating people. Peachy wants to know whether Big Tom is more aware of what he says now that the jury is listening. Tom says he probably should be more aware, but he isn't. He says that everyone on the jury knows him, adding, "If it comes through ma brain, it'll come out ma mouth." He thinks he's too old to change now, and won't change for them, nor for his teammates, nor for Just Peachy, either. He says he is who he is; he'll say whatever he wants, and he'll stand by it. Peachy wants to know how "acute" Ethan's senses are after being out in Africa with no distractions for over a month. Ethan says, "You trip over things that you weren't tripping over before." He also says his ribs stick to the ground. He entire comment is one giant shitmouth, confirming his statement that "mentally, [he's] not sharp" and that "some of [his] acuteness has gone far away." Peachy points out that Teresa is the last of the original Samburu tribe members and she says she was hoping he -- and the members of Mofo Maji -- wouldn't notice. Peachy asks whether she really thinks they might not have noticed, and she acknowledges that they obviously have. Teresa says she feels lucky to have been brought into the old Boran tribe prior to the merge, and she's glad to have gotten to know Ethan and Kimj. She never thought she'd make the final five. Before the vote, Peachy asks whether Tom has a game plan and he earnestly says he thinks he could be next to go. He says he has his bag packed like everybody else; Teresa looks like she's stifling a grin while he talks. He says, "You don't know in this game when you're goin' or when you're I'm goin'...."

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