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It Was Just My Machinations Runnin' Away With Me

Voting commences. As Tom votes for Teresa, he says she's a good friend, and that it's been his pleasure. He wants her to keep that "wonderful smile." We don't see the vote Lex Loser casts with a "really heavy heart." We don't see Teresa's vote, either, and that threw me. I thought if she voted for Big Tom, they would definitely show it, and that made me think she'd voted for someone else entirely. Mark Burnett reached into a brand new bag of tricks for that one. And that's all we see before Peachy leaves to tally the votes. As we wait, pensive shots of the S5 abound. Tom looks very concerned, and I want to feed him some pancakes and ham.

Peachy reads the votes. The first three are for Teresa. Actually, one is for "T-Bird," which Peachy feels the needs to clarify: "That's you, Teresa." Peachy doesn't read the last two votes because they don't matter, and Teresa cringes and asks, "Is the fat lady singing?" She hugs everyone goodbye, and Tom looks particularly surly during this time. The tribe has spoken, and Teresa winks at the others and heads off. Peachy proclaims, "Here's what this game has come down to: four people, three days, two immunity challenges, one Survivor." He can count!

Immediately following the episode, Peachy gives a public service announcement describing how viewers can learn more about organizations fighting AIDS. To find out what Survivor is doing and how you can help, go to And then, another touching shot of Just Peachy's Visa card ("the official card of Survivor") brings us to commercial.

Next week on Survivor, it's the final vote! This is one night you won't want to miss! A giraffe tries to compete in the challenge!

Teresa says Survivor has been the "absolute experience of a lifetime." She never dreamed she'd be picked to be among the original sixteen competitors, much less make it to the final five. She's as gracious as you would have expected her to be if you hadn't seen her less than admirable behavior in this episode.

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