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It Was Just My Machinations Runnin' Away With Me

The "DUH-duh DUH-duh DUH-duh DUH-duh" of a B horror movie soundtrack plays very faintly and briefly in the background, but then turns in funky upbeat music. I'm not sure what happened there. Lex Loser tells us that the tribe still has to drink and wash in the water; he adds that it looked like the elephant hadn't "done his business" in a couple of weeks. We see a shot of a relieved and frolicking no-longer-constipated elephant. Tom says in a confessional, " Ah wan be in hahmony wid all animals and all people, but that's hard to do, 'specially if you're down at t'end." He then announces that Kimj "washes in elephant shit every day." Meanwhile, Kimj sits separate from the other members of the tribe, downstream at the bottom of the creek. Tom explains that he'd told Kimj that her part of the creek was full of elephant dung. We see footage of Kimj scrubbing her face with a shit-laden towel as Tom goes on to say that she's "washing [her] clothes, washing [her] face, washing [her] hiney" in the pooped-in water. He says he's told her the same thing over and over, but "she has yet to understand that, and [he] quit telling her, and [he] let her warsh in it every day!" Another clip reveals Kimj blissfully running her fingers through her hair. I'm surprised the editors didn't digitally add a little dab of brown on her cheek. Tom then says, "I try to smell her -- see if she smells like an elephant. Really, she don't, but she's warshed in it ever day!" He's clearly uncomfortable with Kimj's bathing activities -- he wriggles around throughout the discussion and grins uncomfortably. A happy-looking Kimj prepares to head back to camp, ignorant of the fact that she's just enthusiastically scrubbed elephant shit all over her body. This doesn't seem like a very respectful portrayal of Kimj, but I can see why. Is her only independent accomplishment in Africa having bathed in the runoff of a giant elephant poop?

Lex Loser tells us that boredom has recently become a reality for the players. Lex Loser, Ethan, and Tom sit side by side on the cart and stare into nothingness. Tom's legs are crossed in a feminine way; he looks at his foot and then whistles. Ethan clutches his leg to his chest and lifts his shoulders up and down. Lex Loser says that they're running out of things to do, and he thinks he's probably gotten to know the other four members of Mofo Maji better than people he's known five or ten years. Tom then removes his shoes, and Lex Loser tells him to put them far away. Ethan agrees, "Yeah, you gotta put them, maybe, in the fire." Hee. Lex Loser cackles, but Ethan says he's serious -- he thinks it would be "good for [them] if [they] burned" Tom's shoes. Ethan and Lex Loser stare at Tom's feet. Tom stares at Tom's feet. In a confessional, Ethan tells us that Tom's feet "stink perhaps the worst [he's] ever smelled of anyone's feet on the planet Earth." He adds, "He's got some funk down there that I've never smelled before."

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