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It Was Just My Machinations Runnin' Away With Me

Now Peachy wants to "get outta here"; he throws the keys at Lex Loser. Really, Peachy should have given the keys to someone else to throw at Lex Loser. As the truck barrels down the road, Lex Loser tells us that Peachy re-explained to him "what the visit part of the reward was": visiting a hospital in a village called Wamba. At this point, I bet Lex Loser was still half-expecting that his wife and sons -- even the shifty one -- would be waiting for him at the end of the journey. If he were anyone else, I'd feel bad for him. Lex Loser tells us that their cargo is a year's worth of medical supplies especially for "all of their AIDS testing." In the cab of the truck, Lex Loser is excited to have a fresh new audience for his dogma in Peachy. He animatedly tells Peachy that he's been competing at Survivor, ironically, without having once thought once about what the terms "survive" and "survivor" means. Maybe that's because the game of Survivor has absolutely nothing to do with either of those concepts. Lex Loser thinks a trip to Wamba hospital is "the perfect situation to just remind [him] of that."

A panoramic shot of the hospital reveals that the facility is, indeed, in the middle of nowhere. Lex Loser tells us that people come from all over to go to this hospital in this little village in the middle of Kenya. As they pull up into the driveway, people in pink clothing run away from them. Peachy points out the doctor straight ahead, and as they emerge from the truck, hospital staff members stand at attention. The doctor is kindly and slightly eccentric-looking as Peachy introduces Lex Loser and his "very special delivery." In a confessional, Lex Loser tells us that the "old Italian doctor" has dedicated his whole life to helping people in Africa. He says, "This guy does it simply out of the goodness of his own heart," and sounds shocked by the idea that someone would do such a thing. Lex Loser tells us that the doctor has mobilized and inspired enough people to cerate a self-sufficient hospital in the middle of nowhere. You know, if that doctor were a competitor on Survivor, I'd be his biggest fan. As they unload the truck, Peachy is very proud of their cargo. Then the doctor thanks them, and Lex Loser says "You are so welcome" as if he had anything to do with it. Another huge truck full of supplies rounds the corner. Lex Loser tells us that the hospital is in desperate need of their goods because "they're running on fumes in that hospital." Survivor to the rescue! Then Lex Loser explains that they're delivering a new drug (new to Kenya, anyway) that gives pregnant HIV-positive women a better than 50% chance of not passing on the disease to their children. Lex Loser gets a tour of the pediatric ward which he calls both "heartbreaking and inspirational." In a confessional, Lex Loser tells us that most of these children are orphans; we see Lex Loser playing with the children, and a very cute child points at a camera. The experience made Lex Loser "miss the hell" out of his kids -- even the shifty one. Lex Loser says that after "checking out the hospital," he walked away a changed man. Peachy and Lex Loser bid adieu to the doctor, who does look very happy about their contribution, and they all agree that it's been a pleasure. Or maybe that it's a pleasure to part. Lex Loser tells Peachy the experience "planted a small seed" in his mind, and it's a gift he'll take home with him. Aw. No really. Aw.

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