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It Was Just My Machinations Runnin' Away With Me

All Kimj does, by the way, is whisper to people. I'm not sure I've ever heard her converse at a full speaking voice. She now whispers to Teresa that no one realized how much of a threat Lex Loser was until he won so many challenges in a row. Teresa agrees that they need to get rid of him. I absolutely don't understand this. Of the remaining five, the only one I'd feel pretty comfortable against in the jury vote would be Lex Loser. In any case, Teresa tells us in a confessional that Kimj thinks she's the next to go, and has realized that being a part of the alliance will no longer benefit her. Teresa says she thought to herself, "Good for you! You're finally thinkin'!" Teresa and Kimj whisper (what else?) about which player they'd rather go against in the finals. They also talk about what will happen if Lex Loser doesn't win immunity; Teresa says she thinks she can get Tom to vote against him. Kimj agrees that "it's not too early now to do that." Duh. It's a little too late to do that, actually. Teresa says she thought to herself, "Well hey, she's wakin' up a little bit!" Then, an African groans.

Tom checks the treemail. He pulls out a little bowl with a necklace in it, which cause him to say, "Well, ain't that nice?" He then pauses and adds, "What the hell is it?" As he walks back to camp, he singsongs, "A tisket, a tasket, I found somethin' in the basket!" What the frick is a tisket or a tasket, anyway? Tom reads the clue, and is actually a decent reader. His accent tones down a bit, and he's much easier to understand. I'd certainly listen to Goatherd Home Companion if NPR went that route. He then walks around the camp swinging the basket like a little purse and drawls, "Pretty little basket!" The clue reads, "Things are always easier the second time around/ You're about to find out if it's as true as it sounds/ With the final four pending you don't want to lose/ Or at the Tribal Council, it could be you that they choose." The members of the S5 all look pensive; Lex Loser actually strokes his beard. Tom then reveals the little necklace; he says he doesn't know whether it has anything to do with the challenge, and that he thought "it was a damn snake." Lex Loser examines the necklace and proclaims that it is made from seeds. Tom stares and says, "What's that got to do with it?" I've watched the entire episode and I can't answer that question. Anyway, Teresa tells us that the next Immunity Challenge is crucial for her, because she's the last Samburu left, and it'd be easier for them to vote her off. And that reminds me -- I don't know why Kimp keeps talking in all her interviews about having been the last "original Samburu." Teresa was an original Samburu; Kimp, having never switched tribes, was more the last "full-blooded Samburu" or some other such definition. The S5 figure out that the challenge will be a reprise of the events in which they've competed in Africa thus far. (How could they possibly figure that out, you ask? It's not like it's been done during both other seasons of Survivor or anything like that.) Ethan thinks perhaps the clue is a red herring and that they'll have to do something two times in a row instead. Teresa tells us in a confessional that whatever the challenge is, she'll have to give it her all. But she's already been backlit, so we know it's all over for her.

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