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Alpha Alliance
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After Tribal, Bikal returns to camp. Julia says that she nearly wet herself (in fear, presumably) and Corinne apologizes for voting out Matt, since he was such a good guy. Phillip adds that they had to make a choice, and they chose to keep Michael and Julia. Michael interviews that, with Matt gone, he's totally on his own, so he's going to try to build trust and friendship with the Favorites.

Corinne and Michael have a quick talk in the shelter. They talk about how much they enjoy their mini-alliance. I do wonder how much Michael really likes Corinne and how much he realizes that she's his in with the Favorites. Corinne interviews that she will sacrifice someone from her own alliance to save Michael, and she plans to fight to keep him around. Maybe she should worry more about herself? And let Michael take care of himself? Corinne tells Michael that he just needs to survive to the merge.

Phillip watches this whole conversation and then interviews that Corinne keeps going and having these conversations with non-alliance members and then not disclosing what was said to her alliance. Look, I get that it's important to keep your alliance tight but Phillip is sounding, well, crazy. How dare she talk to people? And then not immediately run and tell him? Anyway, Phillip pulls Cochran aside and says that he wants Corinne gone. Next. Before the merge. Cochran says that he's worried about what the rest of their alliance will think if they betray an alliance member before the merge. Phillip just whisper-yells, "I don't trust that woman" and walks off. Cochran totally gives the camera a Jim Halpert stare.

The next morning, Dawn gets tree mail about the Reward Challenge and it says something about "the strong will carry the weak." Cochran snarks that he definitely fits into the weak category and Julia adds that they lack some of the strength category. Phillip tells everyone that he's the strongest one out there when it comes to upper body strength because he's a power lifter, and it might not make him look beefy, but he's super strong. Everyone else is just like, "Okay, Grandpa." I mean, Phillip has been surprisingly effective in challenges, but I don't know that he could beat someone like Reynold or Eddie or maybe even Malcolm in a strength challenge.

So then Phillip challenges Cochran to an arm-wrestling match, and makes Cochran put all of his weight on Phillip's hand and still can't get it to the ground. And the whole time, Phillip is babbling about his arm-wrestling strategy like who has an arm-wrestling strategy? Who even thinks about arm wrestling enough to have a strategy? The only arm-wrestling strategy I would respect would be turning your hat around backwards like Stallone in Over the Top. Anyway, Phillip's all puffed up about his prowess and ready for the Reward Challenge. I'm sure he will prevail. Cochran seems pleased to have helped Phillip get even more confidence. I don't know about you guys, but I'm a little tired of the Phillip show. I like watching the others be amused by his idiocy, but lately it seems like he just pisses them off, and that's not as fun.

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