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The Biggest Chicken

Marty asks Jud if the old La Flor got any immunity idol clues. Jud says they did, but he never got to see it, as NaOnka shoved Kelly B. (cut to a shot of Kelly B.'s artificial leg, just in case you forgot) out of the way, took the clue, and ran off. Marty can't believe that NaOnka didn't share the clue with everyone and that La Flor didn't kick her ass out. "I guess we don't really know what we're doing," Jud says. Marty interviews that La Flor seems to be lacking leadership, then gets the entire tribe together to say that he just heard from Jud about what happened to their immunity idol clue and can't believe they let that kind of behavior slide. "That would be like cancer in a tribe," he says. Is he forgetting or not realizing that La Flor never had the chance to vote NaOnka or anyone out after that incident, what with Espada losing all the immunity challenges? With that, Marty says he wants his new tribe to know that he is honest and forthcoming, and to that end, he reveals that he has an immunity idol. Oh. He probably should have talked to Jill before he said that, because I'll bet she would have told him not to. Because that's dumb. Marty reasons that Jane was probably going to tell them that he had it anyway, so at least now it looks like he volunteered the information. That's actually a good point. While the young people cheer for Marty's honesty, Brenda interviews that she actually thinks Marty is arrogant and they all think he's an idiot for showing them that he had the idol. She says his attempt to become the king of their camp isn't going to fly. Marty then hangs the idol on a tree branch, just to show off. "That is the dumbest thing he could've done," Brenda concludes.

Suddenly, it's raining at Espada, and apparently their tarp-less shelter is so crappy that they're better off just standing outside and getting rained on. They don't even have a fire to keep them warm, as there is no firewood despite Tyrone's orders to go out collecting it all the time and that one time we saw Holly pick up, like, two pieces of driftwood in the middle of forming an alliance with NaOnka and Alina. Ben says the resources around their camp are pretty slim, and the decision to build a high-roofed shelter next to the ocean means it gets lots of wind and rain. NaOnka wisely bundles herself up in various pieces of clothing and huddles in the shelter while Dan chooses to give his tribe hope by saying that Noah thought the rain would stop soon, and it didn't. NaOnka interviews that she hates the rain and when she gets cold and uncomfortable, she "loses it." Oh, man. NaOnka hasn't lost it yet? I cannot imagine what more she has to give us. She starts crying and moaning about the rain and its effect on her, as if no one else there is having the same problem. Alina is there to lend a sympathetic ear because she doesn't really have a choice if she wants to stay in this game. NaOnka says she's thinking of quitting now, and if I were Alina, I'd totally ditch NaOnka, Ben, and Chase and join up with the old people just to fuck them over. But that's why I will never play this game.

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