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The Biggest Chicken

Alina urges NaOnka not to quit, but in an interview, she says NaOnka is "like a high school girl" in that she's "irrational and crazy and she just seems like she's on her period all the time." Hey, Alina, please don't make high school girls look bad. When I was in high school, I had to sit in the rain sometimes and I didn't cry about it. Alina then says that the rain doesn't bother her, so she's very much enjoying watching NaOnka suffer, especially since if NaOnka quits, that just puts Alina that much closer to a million dollars. Chase approaches them and puts an arm around NaOnka and tells her she'll regret it for the rest of her life if she quits. "Even when I was living in Iowa I wasn't this cold!" NaOnka whines. Ew, she had to live in Iowa? No wonder she's so angry all the time. Alina says rainbows always follow rainstorms, and Chase tells NaOnka that when his dad died, it was raining. And when he was driving home, the rain stopped and he saw a rainbow in the bed of his truck in his rearview mirror and knew his dad was okay. Aw, that kind of makes me love Chase a little bit.

Night falls, and it's still raining. NaOnka suffers. The next day, I thought we were going to see that she quit in the middle of the night when no cameras were on her, but no, both tribes show up for the immunity challenge with all eight members. Probst asks Marty and his increasingly crazy hair how he's getting along with his new tribe. Can he not ask Jill or Jane a question at challenges? I'm kind of sick of hearing from Marty. Marty says everything is going really well and their camp is awesome. Jane agrees, even throwing in another cabbage patch as she rubs in that they were nice and dry last night. NaOnka scowls. She sucks, but I'd be pissed, too, if I were her and I helped my tribe win a tarp only for the game to send me to a camp that didn't have one. Probst asks Alina how crappy her new camp is. Alina says they were wet, but that just helped them all bond. With that, Probst explains that challenge: three tribemates will be strapped onto spokes of a large wheel that goes through a tank of water. Three more tribemates will spin that wheel so that the people strapped to it are dunked in the water, where they'll have to suck up as much water as they can and then spit it out once they reach a small bowl at the top of the wheel. That bowl will feed into a tube, and once it's full of water, it will tip over, releasing a ball. The two remaining tribemates have to throw that ball at a set of five tiles. The first tribe to break all of the tiles wins immunity. But there's no way they'll need to go to Tribal Council tonight, because this challenge is kind of made for drowning a contestant or two, thus eliminating the need to vote someone off.

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