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The Biggest Chicken

With that, the challenge begins. Our brave contestants strapped to the wheel of certain drowning death are Kelly B., Brenda, the other Kelly, Alina, Holly, and Yve. Ew, that water tank they have to swallow water from doesn't look clean, either. Probst calls go, and the women do a lot of spitting and swallowing. As Sash, Jill, Marty, Dan, NaOnka and Chase spin the wheels for their tribes, the game seems to be pretty even until Dan suggests that they slow their wheel down. I'm not sure if that's because he can't keep up with the speed or because he had a very good strategic idea -- that the slower the wheel goes, the more water the girls will be able to swallow and the more time they'll have to get it in the bowl. Probst makes fun of Espada's slowness until he realizes that it's totally working for them, as their tube is now twice as full as La Flor's. Sure enough, Espada's ball is released first, leaving it up to Tyrone and Ben to break the tiles and win it for the tribe. With that, the wheel-spinners stop and nearly drown Yve before realizing that they have to make sure the wheel doesn't stop with someone still submerged in the water tank.

La Flor releases their ball before Espada breaks any tiles, so it's pretty much an even game. Also, the La Flor wheel spinners almost drown Brenda. But miraculously, no one died, so we continue. Tyrone breaks one tile, but La Flor ties it up when Jane gets another, because she is awesome. No doubt her throwing arm is strong from all those cabbage patch moves. Tyrone keeps missing, and Chase calls for Ben to step up and throw, since he's already proven to be better at it than Tyrone in a previous challenge. Jud breaks a second tile, putting La Flor in the lead. But now that Ben has a chance to throw for Espada, he's catching up. Jud and then Jane break another tile each, giving them a 4-2 lead. Ben quickly breaks two more tiles, and it's tied again. But Jud connects with the fifth tile and La Flor wins. "Fabio wins it for La Flor!" Probst says, as if Jane didn't do anything. There is much rejoicing on La Flor's side. During the Slo-Mo Walk of Shame, NaOnka says she knew her tribe was going to lose this one and she's still thinking about quitting, although she doesn't want her students to see her as a quitter. Wow, so, it's okay for them to see her as someone who makes fun of and attacks handicapped people and screams at someone who tries to confront her for stealing his property, but not as a quitter? Interesting priorities, there.

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