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The next day at Aiga, the winners have returned. Li'l Russell settles into his hammock and waits for Natalie to stop by, which she does. He asks her what Mick and Brett said to her when he was gone. "Well, actually ... " she starts, but he's not in the mood to hear her claim that no strategic anti-Li'l Russell talk happened. Even though none did. Because Mick, Natalie, and Brett are the most boring people ON THE PLANET. "It's me, you, and Jaison," Natalie says. Li'l Russell says he's sure of that, but Shambo and Jaison were "freaked out" that Natalie chose Mick and Brett for her team. "I'm in control of it all," Li'l Russell says to her. She just laughs and tells Li'l Russell he shouldn't have any doubt in his mind when it comes to her. Because she lacks the ability to think for herself. Natalie interviews that she and Li'l Russell are a team and have been since Day One. "Two brains are better than one," she says. Oh come on, Natalie. One and a half, tops. They decide that if Brett wins immunity, they'll get rid of Mick next.

Shots of pigs, crabs, and Probsts welcome us to the immunity challenge. Probst takes the immunity necklace away from Brett and explains: contestants must run to a clearing where there are six stations, each of which has a number of objects on it. There's one station that's a pig pen full of pig, another with a tray of dead fish, one with a tower of rocks that will no doubt cause Li'l Russell to lose precious time looking for an immunity idol underneath it, etc. Contestants must count all the objects and then run back to a game board with numbered tiles they can use to keep track of the number of objects in each station. Once they've counted all the stations, they will use the numbers to unlock a large bicycle lock. Probst says the order of the numbers will be different for each contestant, but does not say if they know the order ahead of time or have to keep trying until they get it right. The first contestant to unlock the lock, remove the pin, and use it to break a tile wins immunity. With that, Probst calls go and the contestants run through the rain to the stations. And then, counting happens. It's not very exciting and I don't know what more there is to say. Li'l Russell, Mick, and Jaison have two stations counted and tiled before Brett, Natalie, and Shambo even have one. But that's probably because Brett is being very careful to get his numbers correct while Shambo and Natalie are dumb. Seriously, it takes Natalie like an hour to count the fish and they're all dead and not moving, unlike the crabs and pigs Shambo and Brett are counting. Probst makes fun of her accordingly.

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