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More thrilling counting happens! 1, 2, 3, 4 ... CAN YOU HANDLE IT?!?!?! Mick and Jaison are the first to start on their combinations, followed closely by Li'l Russell. Brett runs like a girl back to his station to start soon after. Jaison tries his lock first, but it doesn't open. He has to run back out to the stations and count again. Well, that sucks. For Jaison. Mick desperately tries his lock, but it's no good and he, too, must count again. And even though Li'l Russell started his combination lock before Brett and wants us to believe he's stronger and faster and smarter than Brett, Brett is the one who gets his combination done first ... and it's right. He releases the pin and smashes his tile. Ha ha ha! Foa Foa has to eat one of their own. Jaison interviews that it's very frustrating to see Brett win another immunity challenge, and now he's even more worried that Brett could win immunities all the way to the Final 3 and win the game. Don't worry, Jaison! Brett's been way too anonymous in the editing to be this year's winner. On the slow motion walk of defeat away from the challenge, Jaison voiceovers that the plan was to get rid of Mick next, but he's starting to think that they need Mick to have a chance at beating Brett in the immunity challenges. Which means Shambo could be the next to go. And if that happens, then I'll have nothing to talk about during the Shambo-less two hour finale.

Time to vote for the Product Placement Player of the Season! Vote Jeffrey Tambor, y'all!

The tribe returns to camp. Mick is so bummed about losing that he isn't even trying to keep his shorts on anymore. Jaison and Li'l Russell walk off together and Jaison says he wants Shambo to go home tonight because they need Mick here to beat Brett. Li'l Russell agrees. "Let's do it," Jaison says, then quickly scampers away because guess who's walking up? Yes, it's Shambo. "What's that all about?" she asks Li'l Russell, who pauses for two seconds too long before lying "he wants to get rid of Mick." Shambo is suspicious, though, having noticed that Jaison stopped talking and ran away as soon as she walked up. Shambo is being unusually not oblivious today. Li'l Russell interviews what we just saw, then adds that he'd rather get rid of Mick before Shambo. For like the fiftieth time, we're reminded that if Brett makes it to the Final 3, he's almost a lock to win. Back at the shelter, Shambo again asks Li'l Russell what Jaison said to him. Li'l Russell makes up a story and recites it without looking Shambo in the eyes, and she says she's feeling nervous. She thinks Jaison wants to get rid of her, and says that although she's a key reason why Foa Foa made it this far, she knows there are limits to people's gratitude and she's vulnerable. Where did this sensible self-aware Shambo come from?

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