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A Roll in the Sand

The race begins and Sean really wants that prize; in fact, he's ready to both run and swim for a good meal. And he's not a bad swimmer at all, so either he's learned during the past twenty-five days, or he was pretending to be unable to swim earlier during the show. Neleh and Vee are the only competitors who decide to scope out the beach for coconuts; the others make a dash for the water, and Robert is the only one who seems to be having difficulties. In the water, anyway. On land, Neleh unsuccessfully attempts to carry five coconuts. Every time she picks one up, she drops one of the coconuts already in her arms. She ends up just kind of squatting on the beach, cradling coconuts and looking a good deal like a four-year-old. Meanwhile, Robert is now drowning. Sean and Paschal are off to a good start, which Peachy credits to a "really healthy coconut."

As the other teams progress -- or fail to progress -- Peachy is in rare form. He chides Neleh and Zoe with, "You guys are dry, what's up?" and then tells Kathy, "You guys need to pick it up!" He encourages the tribes to keep working, and then sounds exasperated as he yells again, "Kathy and General, you guys need to pick it up!" Zoe smashes coconuts while Neleh timidly attempts to offer some advice. Peachy walks by and tells them to keep it up because they're still in the game, which leads Neleh to conclude they've as good as won. She squeals, "We got it, Zoe!" and bustles about claiming that they're "on top of it."

We return to Sean and Paschal, where Sean is manically smashing coconuts; he orders Paschal back out to fetch more. Meanwhile, Vee and Tammy are having difficulties; Tammy yells at Vee to "check' em every once in a while." I guess some coconuts are empty of juice while some are full? You'd think that would be obvious from the way they feel, but a lot of things happen in this game that defy common sense. Peachy then announces that Vee and Tammy have fallen behind because they have a "whole lotta coconuts and no juice." Now Kathy and Robert have caught up, and Zoe and Neleh are gaining, as well. Peachy announces , "One coconut can get you right back in it!" and that "it's tight," and so they shouldn't let up. Sean again sends Paschal back out for more coconuts, and then we join Kathy as she snaps at Robert, "I don't care if it's hard, just keep going!" Hee! He got yelled at by a girl. While a dismayed and anxious Sean waits on his return, Paschal trips in the water. Kathy, meanwhile, is yelling at Robert, "You are gonna win this! This is your win! This is your win!" Obviously, she's not at all aware of the fact that if he wins, she wins too. We see Robert and Kathy open an empty coconut, and then Sean's bamboo shoot is suddenly full. They win!

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