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A Roll in the Sand

In a confessional, Paschal tells us that it was a long ride for Sean, who wasn't used to horses. He says Sean loosened up and started singing "after [they] made some different arrangements." Of his balls? We hear Sean singing, "I'm chillin' on a horse with Marquesan men. Everybody knows that we wanna do it again!" Really, it's not much better than the Moppet's rapping efforts. Sean then gets excited because he hears drums. He begins screaming "Word!" and raising a fist in the air to the drum's beat. As they exit the trail and arrive at the beach, Sean yells to the waiting natives, "Marquesa forever!" They are helped from their horses -- indeed, Paschal is lifted from his -- and Sean says, "Aw, this is better than Gilligan's Island."

As a pretty woman puts a thick green lei around Sean's neck, he says, "Watchoo doin' afterwards?" And when did he become Joey Tribbiani? The girl, who is appropriately named "Layla" (as bestower of the leis, I mean) kisses both of Sean's cheeks and he squeals in response. He then says, "Hi, I'm Sean. You're very pretty. A little too young for me." Hee. In a confessional he tells us that "these two beautiful -- although young -- Marquesan women" led them to beach chairs with huge pillows and coconut drinks.

Wearing floral crowns, Paschal and Sean toast each other and wish their tribemates could see them now. Sean says, "Who knew that a little black boy from Harlem would be here with a judge..." and Paschal cuts him off to say, "A southern white judge --" which Sean then completes, "A southern white judge from Georgia!" Sean points out the "irony in that." In an interview, Paschal tells us that two days ago he would have mortgaged his house on Sean's being the next voted off, but things have changed. He says Sean "may have some problems," but he's honest and straightforward, and that's all Paschal can ask for. Now Sean and Paschal discuss their relationship. Sean says that things started out "rocky" but they've come very far and "the sky's the limit for all of us." Paschal tells us that they became much closer than they were during the reward, and he feels very fortunate to know Sean. That's what he loves about the game -- it's impossible to know what's going to happen.

Sean now insists that he's ready to eat and says the reward can't get any better. Technically it could get better; he could already be eating right now instead of talking about being ready to eat. Can you tell I'm hungry? The two pretty girls approach and one says, "Follow me." She has an accent, though, and Sean assumes that she's speaking in her native language. He repeats, "fa-LOW-me?" as if she's just said something difficult and marvelous and like he's willing to learn this wonderful new word. He then realizes his mistake and says, "Oh! Follow you?" This may make the list of my top ten all-time favorite Survivor moments because it was so naturally funny. Also, the way Sean pronounced it sounds kind of exotic and smutty all at once.

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