Two Tribes, One Camp, No Rules

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Men and Women are Both Dumb

So everyone just looks around awkwardly, and Probst asks Chelsea if they need to operate as a group first, or are people allowed to just go make deals with the men. Chelsea seems tired when she says that everyone is doing her own thing, and it's because they're women, so they'll never agree on anything. Ugh. Stop with the self-hatred Chelsea. It's because you're a bunch of reality show lunatics, and has nothing to do with your gender. Probst asks Monica about tribal structure and Monica laughs that they deal with what's in front of their faces and that's it. Probst gives them a lecture about how it's not really funny because they have no structure, animosity between tribe members, and the guys are going to have a field day with them.

Finally, Probst gets to the Kourtney update. She's doing fine, but her wrist is broken in a few places and will require surgery, so she's out of the game. That means they don't have to vote anyone out. Plus, they get flint. Probst gives them a reminder that it's only day three, and they have time to turn things around, but the bad news is that they have to pull their shit together or the men will pick them off one by one. God, I hope that doesn't happen. Although I wouldn't mind if they lose Alicia before the men start going.

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