Two Tribes, One Camp, No Rules

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Men and Women are Both Dumb

As the men walk to their camp laden with heavy supplies, Tarzan interviews that they had to walk "hundreds of miles" while carrying "tons of supplies" and they each lost "ten pounds in water weight." At least he's consistent with his hyperbole. Jonas (Iron Chef) interviews that he was trying to act tough but he was out of breath; however, he was really impressed by Leif, who is a little person but was carrying the heaviest weight (a chicken coop filled with firewood) without complaint.

The women are also struggling to carry their equipment to camp. Kourtney interviews that all women are crazy, and they can seem warm and accepting and then stab you in the back. Because men never do that. Don't even get me started on the gross generalizations in this episode, because I will never stop. Alicia interviews that the hike showed who the strong women were: her, Kim, Chelsea, and Sabrina. There are nice pop-up identifiers as she names each woman. More of that, please. Then I don't have to wait for an interview to find out people's names. Alicia says that Kat was weak and annoying, but she knew it. I don't know what that means, but I think it says more about Alicia than Kat. Anyway, Chelsea and Alicia make an alliance that also includes Kim, Sabrina, and Kat and that's it. Done. Kim and Sabrina confirm the alliance. Kim interviews that when the men stole their stuff, it got the women all fired up to work together. So that will probably last. Then again, last season an alliance was formed on the first night that lasted until the end, so what do I know?

The women arrive at their camp first and -- wait, what's this? Their flag is there, but so is the men's flag! They're all camping together! I know it's tough to keep things under wraps, but I feel like this whole segment would have been more interesting if we didn't know about it ahead of time. The men arrive and also express confusion and dismay, especially about whether they're expected to share their supplies.

Both tribes notice that there are chickens running about, at least four of them. They informally decide to work together to catch some; Chelsea and Matt specifically agree to split whatever they catch. Eventually, Chelsea somehow ends up with two chickens, one in each hand. So then Matt's like, "Which one are you giving me?" and Chelsea's like, "Let me talk to my girls." Ooh, that's kind of wrong. It's the first night; no one is desperate for chicken. In fact, they probably should have waited and caught the chickens later since they don't exactly have a deep freeze to store the slaughtered chickens and the guys broke their one chicken coop. Chelsea wants to negotiate for something the women need. Matt interviews that he's not the kind of guy who's going to worry about keeping the women happy (what kind of guy does worry about that?), and Chelsea should give him the chicken "as an apology." An apology for what? Being women? Daring to try to use the chicken as a negotiating tool to get back supplies that the men stole from them? Now I'm totally on the women's side.

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