Two Tribes, One Camp, No Rules

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Men and Women are Both Dumb

While the women decide what to do with their embarrassment of chicken riches, the men get to stepping on building a shelter and chopping wood. Colton sits around and feels useless and explains via interview that he'd rather hang out with the women, because they fuss over him and love him. Yeah, he needs to get over that soon because it's going to be a WHILE before they merge and he needs to make friends on his own tribe. Matt interviews that no one cares that Colton is gay, but they do care that he's not even making an effort to fit in with his own tribe. So somehow Colton and Matt have a conversation where Matt asks Colton to be a runner and filter information about the women's tribe to him. That's a great idea -- Colton should have come up with it on his own, though. Colton interviews that Matt is condescending and arrogant and thinks he's running the show. Well, given that Matt already has at least four friends on his own tribe and Colton has none, I'd say that Matt is a lot closer to running things at this point. Does Colton understand how this game works?

Matt, Mike, Jay, and Bill are wandering around with no shirts on, flirting with the women. Matt explains in his interview (how long was this interview, exactly? This feels like the tenth clip from it) that, in the beginning, the strong people always stay on Survivor to help the team win challenges, so he's made an alliance with the other "young, fit guys" (Mike, Jay, and Bill). Leif seems pretty fit, but he's short, so I guess he doesn't count. Matt claims that his group is "clearly" the dominant alliance. How does he know this? I think his arrogance is going to be his downfall. I kind of can't wait.

Christina and Monica are trying to start a fire. Monica is also holding one of the chickens, which is still alive and trying hard to escape. That just seems mean. I get that they don't want to kill the chicken until they have a fire, because otherwise it might spoil, but the poor thing is terrified. Anyway, Colton and Sabrina wander up and Colton begs them to help him stick around by giving him any clues they find for the Hidden Immunity Idol. He doesn't really offer anything in return for his help other than his company, and I'm not convinced that's enough at this point. The women seem to find him charming, though.

Jay knows how to start a fire. So he does, pretty quickly. He interviews (in a voice that sounds oddly like a Hantz) that he wants nothing to do with the women, since they've made it clear that they aren't interested in sharing their resources either.

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