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Men and Women are Both Dumb

So that's it, then! The women have fire! The next morning, Christina reveals that they were able to start a fire, but it went out. Come on! None of them know how to start OR keep a fire going? It's not that hard, people! Kindling! Wood! Oxygen! Jeez. Kat is trying to start fire and thinks she can smell wood burning as she rubs two pieces of bamboo together but she's totally doing it wrong. And I only know this from WATCHING OTHER SEASONS OF THIS SHOW. I mean, you take a half-piece of bamboo, and then you take a stick and create friction by rubbing and then you need to have a little piece of kindling so that if a spark is generated, there's something to start burning. So Kat has none of that, really. Christina interviews that some of her tribemates think they don't need the men, but they're forgetting that aside from gameplay, they also need to survive. Look, this show hasn't been about wilderness survival in many seasons. They might suffer a bit, but production isn't going to let them starve. They need to suck it up.

Christina goes over and asks Jonas, Colton, and Bill what it's going to take to get fire for her tribe. Jonas says they'll exchange fire for forty woven palm fronds (presumably for the roof of their shelter?). Christina's like, "Mmm, forty is a lot." Jonas knocks it down to twenty. Wow, he's a terrible negotiator. He holds all the power! He should just say, "Forty or no fire." Anyway, they agree on twenty and shake hands. Maybe Christina should check with her tribe first? Alicia comes over and says that the guys need to bring the fronds over to the women's camp. Christina is super proud that she made this deal and Alicia is just shitting all over it. This is why you need buy-in before you negotiate. Alicia interviews that she thinks Christina is making all kinds of side-deals with the men, and Alicia doesn't like it one bit! And she thinks Christina should be the first one to go.

Sabrina is out washing up, and she decides to look for the Hidden Immunity Idol. And she finds it in, like, five seconds hidden in a tree stump. She reads the note with it, which says that it's an Idol for the Manono (men's) tribe, and she has to give it to someone before the next Tribal Council. So that's a new rule.

Later, Sabrina is weaving fronds with her tribe. Colton delivers some fronds and tells everyone (again) that he needs an Immunity Idol. Why isn't he out looking for one himself? Sabrina tells Colton that she found an Idol that she has to give to a man. Why would she tell him before she's decided who to give it to? She is dumb. I mean, either tell him and give it to him, or don't tell him. But don't tell him and then say you haven't decided what to do with it yet. And also, negotiate! What will he do for her if she gives it to him?

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