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Men and Women are Both Dumb

Alicia interviews that she feels bad for Kourtney, who is "uncoordinated." But Alicia also plans to call Christina out at Tribal Council for collaborating with the guys. Yes, how dare she try to make a deal for fire. Didn't Alicia kind of do the same thing when she went over and volunteered Monica for a naked pole dance in exchange for fire? I think Alicia is just jealous that Christina made a successful deal, when Alicia couldn't close a deal at all.

Tribal Council. Probst invites each of them to grab a torch and light it in the fire. It would be funny if they couldn't keep the torch lit, because they are bad at fire. Probst promises them an update on Kourtney in a moment. He asks Alicia how she felt about sharing a camp with the men. Alicia claims that she bonds with women better than men, so she's glad the men are a separate tribe. Insert Christina eye roll. Also, that's not what Probst asked. He doesn't follow up, but instead asks Kat who's leading the tribe. Kat claims that each person has her role, like Kat's role is keeping the fire going. Well, she's doing a bang-up freaking job, then.

Probst asks how the women got fire, and Christina starts explaining that she went over to the men and asked what they could do to get fire. Alicia puts her hand up and interrupts, and says that a shady deal went down. I notice that most of the rest of the women look embarrassed or annoyed when Alicia starts talking, so I'm thinking they are mostly on Christina's side here. Which they should be, because she's telling the truth. Alicia and Christina continue to talk over each other with Kat trying to play mediator, and finally Alicia admits that Christina's deal did benefit the women. Probst is confused and asks for clarification. Alicia says that Christina made a deal that two women would weave in the guys' camp. Christina says that's not true, and tries to explain what the deal was that she made. She barely gets two words out before Alicia interrupts and Christina snaps at her, "Because YOU'RE WRONG! OKAY? NOW SHUT UP!" Whew! I mean, I don't blame Christina because it's been a rough few days and Alicia is annoying, but that did not come off so great. So then Alicia makes a face like, "See? See what I'm dealing with?" and says that if they were in Chicago, she'd punch Christina out. I'm still Team Christina on this one, and Christina closes it out by saying that they got fire and a better fire pit than they could have made on their own, bottom line.

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