United We Stand, Divided We…?

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Strangers In A Train Wreck

Happyland. Drake is sitting around pondering their now two-part treasure map. Jon wants to go looking, but Burton reminds him that they decided the night before that that was the last thing on their list of priorities. "Well, yeah, but we got everything else done," Jon gloats. Hate him. Christa brings up the fact that they still have to talk about going over to Morgan to pillage. They decide that Christa should be the one to go and do the looting. The tribe has a little chat about the report Sandra brought back, that Morgan only has one water pot that it uses for cooking and bringing water and such. A debate ensues over whether it's ethical to take it. If Morgan can't boil water, then they can't drink.

This debate is so odd, because I hate Morgan, and normally I hate piety in reality shows, and normally I hate debates about what's ethical to do or not to do, because it's a game, and it's about winning, and so forth. On the other hand, I think if I had been in on this discussion, I would have argued against taking the pot if they really only had one. There's a line somewhere, and if the line is whether you really want to win because the other team literally cannot continue without their health being endangered, I wouldn't want to go that route. It's one thing to gain an advantage, but I would worry if it were me that they'd wind up drinking non-boiled water and getting sick or something. And that's not how I'd want to win. Call it an attack of inappropriate compassion, I don't judge them for doing it; I just think I wouldn't. I think what I would actually do is come up with some non-compassion-based reason not to take the water pot, like a fear that they would hate you so much for taking it when you got as far as a merge that it isn't worth it or something. I don't think I'd be able to take the only water pot. I know, I know...I would be a very poor pirate.

Anyway, Burton explains (quite rightly) that if they don't take the Morgan pot, and then Morgan comes and takes Drake's pot, then they'll be screwed. Good point, that. Burton's confusing me! Stop making good points, Muscles! "Really, we're taking away their life," Christa says with a nervous laugh., but I see her point. In an interview, Rupert says that he'd feel terrible, but after all, they are pirates. And this is where I say yet They're not pirates. Rupert is coming unhinged. Anyway, he's pro-pot-stealing. Jon adds that Morgan would do the same to them. Eh. That's not a great argument.

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