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And what's even more ass is that Ami jumps right in, talking about how it's so hard for women to support each other, which is such bullshit. I don't have any problem supporting other women, nor do I have any problem getting them to support me. Furthermore, in Survivor, voting people off has not one thing to do with emotional support. Every vote is cast to increase your own odds of winning, and anybody who tells you otherwise is a big fat liar. The women in this game "supported" each other as long as they believed it benefited them, and then -- appropriately -- they stopped. Because it's not a happy-dippy little quilting bee, and the idea that women have a greater obligation than men to treat a winner-take-all competition like a dope-growing vegan hippie commune is a much bigger problem for actual women in the actual universe than any problem we have "supporting each other." Everyone here came to win. At whom is Ami directing the accusation of failure to support, anyway? Scout, whom Ami had already informed that she would not be making it to F4 with Ami and Leann? Twila, who had already seen Ami dump Scout? Why isn't Twila's teaming up with Chris and Eliza a great example of Twila supporting Scout, if you want to go in that pointless direction to begin with? Why isn't it a great example of Twila saving Eliza from the flock of crows that had been trying to peck her eyes out since the first episode?

Leann, too, is asked why she thinks "women have such a hard time." Because Jeff can't let it go, like, at all. Leann says that her goal was "to go to the final four with all women." Right! Not to have any four women go, but to go herself with all women. And guess which half of that goal is more important. That's right -- going yourself. Because it is an individual game. And when Twila was confronted with the choice between (1) the final three will all be women, and none of them will be you; and (2) the final three will be two women and a guy, and one of them will be you, she made the right choice. She made the only choice. As did Scout. What's complicated about this, and what about it has anything to do with gender politics?

Jeff now asks Julie whether Chris had the advantage over everyone else because they had personal relationships with each other, and Chris didn't have them. The answer to that question, of course, is "No." The reason Chris had the advantage over Ami and Leann is that he did a better job of looking at the big picture and analyzing the possibilities, and because Ami and Leann completely failed to grasp the stupidity of making it clear to Scout and Twila that they were out of the mix for F3. Why does this have to be about "Chris" versus "the women"? Why isn't it just about Chris versus the other individual people he was playing? Man, I hate this reunion even more than most, and I always hate the reunion.

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