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Now, Jeff asks Scout about this. Scout -- again not seeing her own forehead for the trees -- says she was amazed by "all the self-righteousness that came out." And I agree with that, totally, except, of course, that she is picking at the "Twila swore on her sooon" speck and missing the "Chris speaks buuuuullshit" plank, as is typical of reunion specials. So...good one, not. But everyone cheers, and I sort of do, too, because at least she's creating an uncomfortable moment for Ami and Sarge. "Everybody is so self-righteous," Scout goes on, "and they're so loving, and they're so harmonious -- why don't they just forgive [Twila]? God did. I do." Twila yanks Scout into a hug, and I did understand that, because Twila has been laid out for this plenty already, and at least Scout got a barb in on her behalf. Ami insists that she has forgiven Twila, realizing that "that was her game." Not that there was anything to forgive, so much, but that's never gotten in the way of a good self-important gloat.

And now we go to the one person in the audience who really gets a vote, and that's Twila's son James. James stands up and says that Twila was playing a game. And he loves her, win or lose., just look at her beaming at that kid and trying not to cry. That is a good, good mom. You can just tell. And it makes me all the more pissed off that they have continued to torment her with this for the last several episodes, because it just...isn't necessary. James basically says that Twila was doing her best for herself and for him, and that it ain't no thing, as far as he's concerned. Now, Jeff jumps in with what he says is an "editorial comment," as if he hasn't been doing that throughout the entire show, and says that Twila came into the show with more legitimate need for the money than anybody who's ever been on, given her seven-day workweeks and her three jobs. Jeff asks whether anyone's opinion of Twila changed after watching the show. Because it's been fully five minutes since Jeff tried to browbeat someone into admitting to being ashamed of having voted for Chris, so he's falling farther and farther behind every minute. Oh, and whom does he ask? Julie. Because Julie is totally not talking enough. Julie says that she totally did change her opinion of Twila, and that now she finds Twila "endearing" and is "completely disillusioned by Chris." And that sort of explains, I guess, why Jeff is being such a fucknut to Chris through this entire thing. He sits around at dinner listening to how "disillusioned" Julie is while he stares meaningfully into her eyes and tells her stories about all the times he and Colby went out. You know, just to pick up chicks together.

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