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When It Rains, It Bores

Liz goes off with Li'l Russell and says she's "worried about Ashley" in terms of the upcoming challenge. Li'l Russell says he's more worried about Liz, who apparently said something earlier about the food challenge being difficult for her. Liz says she'll be fine and she's not a picky eater, unlike some people in their tribe who "don't even eat coconut." Apparently, that's Ashley. Then again, Liz has been so stupid lately that I'm not sure if she knows what a coconut is or what parts of it are edible. Li'l Russell races over to Jaison and Mick to report that Liz appears to be scheming against Ashley. Mick agrees that Liz has a tendency to talk about people, which Li'l Russell refers to as "spreading seeds." And how is telling other people that Liz is trying to scheme not spreading seeds, too? Why can't Jaison and Mick see this? Or if they do, why don't we get to hear them say so in an interview? Instead, Li'l Russell interviews that Liz is a huge threat to him because he must be the only person on the tribe spreading any seeds. Except that the interview where he says this was clearly done in the first few days of the game based on his beard and hair growth. And fatness.

Reward challenge! And just look at all these ingredients! Sea slug guts and octopus and it's all covered in flies! Oh, I can't wait! The tribes arrive and Foa Foa is not too upset or surprised to see that Yasmin is gone. Probst explains the challenge: he has a roulette wheel of grossness and a blender. One contestant from either tribe will step up and roll a ball into the spinning wheel. Wherever it lands will dictate the ingredients for their "Samoa smoothie." Each swallowed smoothie is worth one point, and the first tribe to get five points wins the reward. Probst says there isn't a timed element to this game, but obviously there will be if both tribe get five points on the same turn. Also, since there are six people on Foa Foa, then why not make the game go to six points to ensure that everyone on that tribe will have to drink one smoothie? The winning tribe gets meat and barbecue equipment, but will have to send someone over to the losing tribe's camp, thus missing out on the reward. So that sucks. Also, Galu gets to sit three people out of the challenge, and the lucky winners of that are the blonde, the older wonder twin, and John. Um, didn't the older wonder twin sit out the last challenge? The immunity challenge last week? And doesn't Probst always say they can't sit someone out in back-to-back challenges? What the hell?

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