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When It Rains, It Bores

Holding nets for Foa Foa will be Liz and Li'l Russell, while Galu has Russell and Laura holding up their nets. Well, that settles it: Galu is going to win. Laura is awesome. Probst calls go, and Galu takes a quick lead as most of its members get their coconuts in the nets and everyone on Foa Foa misses. John in particular is very good at making coconut baskets. After a brief montage, we've got a lot of coconuts in both Li'l Russell and Liz's nets, some in Russell's, and like two in Laura's. Even Galu's blonde is making baskets. Foa Foa's blondes, however, suck. "Ashley hasn't made a single shot yet!" Probst announces. Li'l Russell starts to struggle to keep his net up. John and Erik take turns filling his net with coconuts until he finally drops it. Which means it's up to Liz to keep Foa Foa in this. And her net is already pretty full. It's even more full than Russell's, and he's struggling, too. "This girl's insane!" Erik marvels at Liz. But soon, it's no use. I think the net became heavier than Liz, because she didn't let it go so much as it carried her over the holding block area. And so, thanks to Foa Foa's inability to shoot coconuts into nets, Galu wins immunity yet again.

Foa Foa return to camp cold, wet, and defeated. Jaison interviews that he's starting to think that things aren't looking good for Foa Foa, since they'll be down to five players after tonight's Tribal Council. Also, he's cold and wet and even their shelter isn't safe from the rain. "I have never in my life been this cold and had my hands this destroyed," he says, holding his hands up to show us that they are, in fact, looking pretty nasty. They're so waterlogged that layers of skin are sloughing off. He says he wants to "get out of here" more than anything. The tribe huddles up in the shelter. Liz hopes there'll be a break in the weather soon, since it's been raining non-stop for two days now. But it doesn't look like it's going to let up anytime soon. The talk turns to how they should approach tonight's vote. It's too wet and cold to leave the shelter and scheme, so they'll just have to do it out in the open or not at all. Li'l Russell asks if anyone wants to volunteer to leave. Jaison? Nope, he stays quiet. Ashley interviews in the rain that they're stuck in the shelter. Except not really, since she is currently out of the shelter to do that interview. Which means everyone else back in the shelter could very easily be plotting against her. I'm just saying.

Back in the shelter, Ashley says they can either just talk about it and agree on who they're voting out tonight before Tribal Council or just go in there and vote blindly. Everyone agrees to vote blindly. "It'll be an interesting Tribal," Ashley says. You'd think that, wouldn't you? Anyway, since we don't have any plotting and scrambling to show, we just show the Foa Foa contestants huddled in their shelter while voiceovers play. Nice job, editors, of still making this thing work while doing something different with the show! Ashley VOs that she's voting for Liz because she doesn't trust her and never has. Liz VOs that she's voting for Ashley because she's the weakest link. Mick VOs that he voting for one of the girls. Natalie VOs that she doesn't know who is voting for who, but she's pretty sure a woman is going home tonight. Jaison VOs that he's going to wait and see what happens at Tribal before he decides who to vote for. And last but most certainly least, Li'l Russell VOs that he won't be able to engineer someone's ouster tonight because of the rain. He wants Liz to go because she doesn't trust him, but Liz is stronger in challenges than Ashley, so he's not sure who to vote for.

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