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When It Rains, It Bores

The rain seems to have stopped in time for Tribal Council, as the contestants head in and sit down. Probst starts with Jaison, asking him what the toughest thing he did before this show was. Way to assume that being on this show is tougher than anything else Jaison has ever done. What if his mom died? That would be a lot tougher than sitting out in the rain for two days. Jaison says training for the US National Water Polo team was the toughest thing he ever did before this show. Probst smiles longingly as Jaison talks about how his training included wrestling with other guys in a pool for eight hours a day, seven days a week. Jaison says he thought being on this show would be fairly easy because of his training experience. But it isn't. Probst asks Ashley if coming to Tribal was almost a good thing for everyone because they get to sit in front of a warm fire and be sheltered from the rain (even though it appears to have stopped anyway). Ashley says "it sucks" to send someone home, but they do get to sit in front of a fire. Way to re-state Probst's question in the form of an answer, Ashley. Mick says they couldn't do any scrambling before Tribal because of the rain. Probst asks Natalie if it makes her nervous knowing that the majority of the people tonight could decide to send her home because they didn't get together ahead of time and talk about it. Natalie says... absolutely nothing, actually. Um, I think she said this was a different experience because they couldn't scheme before the vote and that's the rain's fault? I'm honestly not sure if she's incoherent or they just over-edited her response.

Probst asks Li'l Russell if it's more important now to vote for someone who is weak at challenges or someone who isn't fun to be around. Li'l Russell says his vote depends on who he can trust, but he trusts everyone here. Probst asks Ashley who she trusts in this tribe. She says she trusts everyone, but especially Natalie and Li'l Russell. Way to lose Mick and Jaison's vote, Ashley. Or, rather, gain it. Probst asks Ashley why she trusts Li'l Russell. How about because she's an idiot and a poor judge of character? But she just says he pulled her under his wing and he's good to talk to. That's because he listens more than he speaks, which is something you might want to learn. Probst asks Liz who she trusts. She claims she trusts everyone, and after everything Foa Foa has gone through in this game so far, she's become much closer to everyone than she ever thought she would. Probst asks if she would be "shocked" to be voted out tonight. She says she'd be surprised, but that's not because of trust - it's because her gut is telling her it won't be her tonight. Probst asks Mick how the tribe will be better after tonight. He says they'll be "more organized" and strong in challenges. So he's planning to vote out someone with poor organization skills? Jaison non-answers that the tribe might be stronger, but it might also be weaker. Probst asks Li'l Russell if the fact that tonight's vote is so unpredictable makes him nervous. He says it's not how this game is supposed to be played, but they're a tight group so he thinks he knows who is leaving tonight. Ashley smiles confidently at this. Nice knowing you, Ashley.

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