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Elephant Dung: A Love/Hate Story

A defeated Fang returns to camp and console themselves by saying they didn't lose that bad since they were ahead before they got to the dig. GC, who was one of the people who quit in the middle of the challenge, says he's upset to lose because now they don't have fire and they'll have to lose a teammate. Randy thinks the problem is that they don't have someone who will step up and be a leader. I think the problem is this team has people like Randy on it. GC interviews that he agrees the team needs a leader or "some kind of game plan" but since he doesn't seem at all willing to step up and do it himself, what good is he?

Michelle stupidly goes off by herself to probably trash-talk her team to a cameraman, giving the rest of them the opportunity to discuss voting her off. Matty wants her gone, but Dan doesn't see how her leaving will make their team any better. Matty says the tribe is in a "down and out" position, so they need all the positive thinking they can get right now, and Michelle is the opposite of that. I hope you're paying attention back there, Randy: keep up your bitching and you'll be next to go (I hope I hope). Dan seems happy enough to vote for anyone except himself and says Matty's reason is a good one. Susie tells him to do what he has to do and she'll vote however he wants her to. "Me too," Randy says, but his heart isn't in it. Matty notices and asks Randy if he's "feeling him." Randy says he hears what Matty is saying about getting rid of Michelle, but it's still early. "It's not that early," Matty says.

Randy tells us that he won't vote for Michelle until he hears everyone else say he's going to vote for her, too. Way to be a leader, Randy. The fact is, he'd rather see Gillian go tonight because she's old. "Nothing against the 60 year-old women out there, but, don't come to my camp," he says, with the scariest intense look on his face. You know, I'm starting to think that Randy might hate women. I don't think he likes men very much, either, but he hates women. And we don't like him right back. Also, he should really watch what he says about voting people out for being old because he's like the second-oldest person in that tribe, and looks it. Randy continues that Gillian tries to be all happy and positive to make people like her because he can't fathom that maybe there are people out there who are genuinely friendly and positive. I have a hard time grasping that fact, too, but at least I can acknowledge that those people exist, and even aspire to be more like them on occasion. But Randy just thinks it's "worthless." It can't be totally worthless if it's apparently keeping the tribe from voting for Gillian tonight.

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