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Elephant Dung: A Love/Hate Story

Charlie proceeds to weird Marcus out by getting him alone on a canoe and saying he's scared when Marcus isn't there and happy and safe when he is. At least, I think that's what he said. He said some stuff about feeling like he was "there in spirit" that I didn't understand. Marcus just nods and "yeahs," which is fine with Charlie because I get the feeling that he just loves to hear himself speak. Charlie says he can't see how anyone else has a stronger alliance than he and Marcus have. Well, since this alliance currently seems to be based on Charlie loving to fawn all over Marcus and Marcus loving being fawned over, he might be right. Marcus says Charlie is definitely his "inner circle" but he wants to have an outer circle as well. An outer circle of hot women like Jacquie. Marcus tells us he has this whole "onion" alliance plan where Charlie is at the center and then there they'll add people (or layers) as they continue in the game. That actually sounds like more of a snowball alliance plan to me, but whatever. Marcus tells Charlie that Jacquie seems like "a really cool girl." Charlie tries not to get jealous and says he likes Corinne. Marcus says he's hoping to get a Jacquie and a Corinne layer on his onion, as he likes Jacquie and thinks Corinne is very smart. Apparently hearing this, Corinne nods. Marcus says he's going to try to talk to Corinne and get her in their group.

Over at Loser Central, GC settles into his leadership role and sends Susie and Crystal out to gather fruit and Matty and Randy on the more manly task of finding things they can use as bowls and eating utensils. He tells Ken to get something grass-like they can use for layers. Layers of what? Is this Marcus's onion alliance again? Because I don't think that works when you don't have a teammate who is slavishly devoted to your good looks. Oh, I guess he meant things to line the hut's wood floor with so they'd be more comfortable at night. GC says that, as a maintenance supervisor, getting things together like this camp is what he's good at. Meanwhile, the team doesn't seem to be doing anything GC's asking them to, as Susie and Crystal make no effort to get fruit and Ken says he'd rather "weave" something than dump a bunch of grass on the floor. GC tells him to put the grass down first and then weave his little mattress. With that, GC says people seem to like his ideas and at least now Fang has a plan for the day.

And there's the insert shot of hippos I have a feeling we're going to see over and over again, since this is just the first episode and I've seen that same exact shot at least twice already.

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