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Elephant Dung: A Love/Hate Story

GC might be getting too into his leadership role, as he's now commandeering the rice pot from Randy to make lunch. But there's some confusion, as Randy wants GC to use water from the lake while GC would rather use the "clean" water they've already boiled back at camp. Randy tries to explain that using the lake water is best since it will boil and become clean in the process of cooking the rice, whereas the clean water they have at camp is their drinking water, so it would be a waste. GC doesn't understand what Randy's talking about, though, since Randy doesn't explain it very well. In fact, the first few times I saw this scene I thought Randy was afraid that GC would burn the water by boiling it twice. Either way, GC doesn't seem to like being "challenged" and walks off. So, of course, Randy is now annoyed with GC. He says GC is too young, doesn't know anything, and won't be a good leader, but he's perfectly happy to let his tribe members crash and burn because it means he'll stay in the background and no one will notice that he's old and out of shape.

Back at camp, Crystal doesn't seem to understand the word "leader" or "fruit," as she tells a confused Susie they're going to get leaves to sleep on instead of look for fruit to eat. GC points out that they aren't doing anything right now. Randy concludes that he's ready to watch his tribe "self-destruct." That's a stupid plan, Randy, since you're ON THAT TRIBE. If it self-destructs, then that means you're out of the game, too. Remember a little tribe called Ulong on a little season called Palau, Randy? Actually, you probably don't since I don't think anyone who gets cast actually watches this show anymore. Except for Gillian.

Back at Kota, Marcus gets Corinne alone. Somehow, Corinne has developed a friendship with Jacquie behind the scenes where she trusts her "whole-heartedly," which is quite a change from the Corinne we saw in the beginning who was ready to stab any and everyone in the back. Which Corinne is real? I don't know! Marcus starts going into his onion layer alliance strategy again, and Corinne cuts him off and says she's hoping for a "tight and strong" alliance of her, Marcus, and Jacquie. She adds Charlie as an afterthought. I think he likes her more than she likes him, which seems to be a bit of a recurring theme with Charlie. Corinne says they'll need a fifth wheel in their alliance to get the majority vote who will then be the person they get rid of first. Because that plan always works. Just ask Ozzy. Corinne wants Bob to be their fifth person. Jacquie, Charlie, Marcus, and Corinne meet in the woods to discuss this. Corinne thinks she can "full on" bring Bob into their alliance. Meanwhile, if the cutaway shots are to be believed, all kinds of apes and monkeys are listening in. Eventually, one of the women figures out that all four of them disappearing like that might clue the other five in that they're plotting something, so they head back to camp. Charlie tells us that his new alliance is "like magic" and "one brain working as one." Think you mean "four brains working as one there, chief. Then again, these people possess a quarter of a brain each. Is Charlie really 29 years old? He is so naïve. Talk about playing stupid Survivor.

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