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Elephant Dung: A Love/Hate Story

Over at Fang, someone is snoring loudly. I think it's Randy. It wakes GC up, so he decides to wash his clothes in the corner of the hut. He does appear to do so as quietly as possible, but it still wakes Gillian up, and she is pissed. Oh, look who's not little miss sunshine now! The rest of the tribe soon wakes up and they're all outside by the fire chatting away. Old people hate it when young people are loud, so Gillian finally comes outside and endears herself to no one by saying they have all day to "blah blah blah," but for now they should shut up so she can sleep. This kills the fun mood everyone else was going for, and GC immediately apologizes the same way he apologized at Tribal Council for being too "tired" to participate in the challenge, by which I mean he's more angry than sorry. He places the blame on the people who were snoring, saying they woke him up in the first place. He was trying to be quiet, but other people came out and started talking to him, so he doesn't see why Gillian's getting on his case. I didn't see Gillian address him specifically, so it looks like someone's a little bit defensive. GC Rorys that as an grown-ass man, no one can tell him when he can or cannot wash his clothes. Gillian says she was just trying to put in a nice request, and then says "blah blah blah" again, which might be what pissed GC off in the first place. He doesn't like being talked down to. Who does? But he is taking way too much offense at this. Suddenly, he decides he's through being the leader and as the youngest person there, he shouldn't be the leader anyway and he won't let his tribe "force" him to be it. They didn't force him -- Probst did.

Randy makes some nonsensical comment about how GC stands for Golden Child (although that's certainly better than G Sizzle) and tells us GC's decision to step down is the best leadership decision he's made in this game. Well, it's certainly better than washing his clothes in the middle of the hut at two in the morning. GC asks Randy if he wants to step up and be the new leader. Dan -- whose graphic calls him an attorney, whereas Charlie's says he's lawyer ... is there a difference? -- says quitting the leadership role is not very leader-like. Well, that's fine considering that GC is not the leader. As for Dan, he's just as bad as the rest of them as he says that his "management style" is conducive to leading this tribe. Dan tells us that he's "highly emotional" and that wouldn't work as a leader here. He'd rather be the "silent leader," as then he'll get none of the blame and all of the leadership. Yeah, no shit. That's what everyone wants, which is why no one is volunteering to be the leader. Do these people really need one leader? There are eight of them. Surely that's small enough of a community that you don't need one person in charge of telling everyone else what to do. Either let a leader emerge organically or work as a group. But standing around passing the responsibility buck over and over again is pointless, which is probably why Fang loves to do it so much. PS: it's only boring.

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