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Elephant Dung: A Love/Hate Story

Back at camp, Matty tells Crystal and Randy his suspicions regarding Dan. Randy, terrified that they'll vote Dan out instead of the hated Gillian, says he thinks they're being paranoid and Dan is just tired. Crystal is not convinced. They blurred out the top of Matty's crotch lest we see a pubic hair or two. Flying dicks, yes. Pubic hair, no.

A hippo swims past. It is hungry, hungry.

Crystal and Matty meet at the dock for last-minute strategizing. Matty wants to vote for Gillian, but Crystal's still leaning towards Dan. Matty says he'll vote for Dan if everyone else does. I kind of hope they do, only because Probst's head will explode and he'll burn Tribal Council down in a rage. Matty thinks Dan isn't "smart enough" to find the idol. Crystal has to point out that Dan is a lawyer. "I never trust anybody in a suit," Matty says. People who inherit trust funds from their grandparents can live their lives this way (until they party the money away before the age of 30).

And there's another shot of a hippo.

Fang arrives at Tribal Council. Probst is wearing a hideous lime green safari shirt. His first question is to GC, and it's how is he doing as the tribe's new forced leader. "It was -- " GC starts. Probst notes his use of past tense. GC says it was okay for a day or two, but in the end, his group volunteered him for a position he didn't want. So he stepped down. Probst goes to Silent Susie for the details, and Susie says that Gillian "voiced her opinion" and GC felt like he was being attacked and quit. GC says this doesn't mean he isn't contributing to the team and quite frankly, some people on this tribe don't need the guidance he's supposed to provide anyway.

Probst asks Randy what the problem with the tribe right now is. Randy says they're a tribe of "eight individuals" and he wouldn't want to lead them, either. Which is good since he isn't. Annoyingly, Dan chalks up the tribe's problems to a lack of leadership. Don't complain about it if you aren't willing to step up, Dan. Dan says people on this tribe aren't willing to stand up and become a target, then calls GC out for shaking his head. GC thinks he's being attacked again and says if everyone is so obsessed with having a leader then someone else can step up and volunteer. Of course, no one does. Crystal says it can be frustrating not to have a leader, but at the same time, they don't always need one. People are taking it upon themselves to do the chores that need to be done around camp. But she does think that when it's challenge time, they need someone to get everyone else to focus. Hey, Crystal? Don't you have experience as a team member, and in a very competitive, high-pressure setting as well? Perhaps ... I don't know ... could YOU lead the team in challenges? Oh, I guess not. Shut up then.

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