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Elephant Dung: A Love/Hate Story

Probst asks GC if camp life has at least improved. GC says it has, and they now have the ability to catch fish. Probst looks genuinely impressed and asks Dan about Exile. Dan says it's a "good opportunity" but it can mess with your mind. Okay, it's not a year in solitary confinement. Get over it. Matty admits that he's concerned that Dan found the idol. Probst asks Crystal if anyone on Fang discussed that possibility. "You know we did!" Crystal says. Furthermore, she thinks Dan has the idol. Dan gets desperate and dumps his bag out on the ground for everyone to inspect for idols, calling Crystal "sister," which is weird. Crystal still isn't buying it. Dan says he doesn't have the idol and begs the team not to try to flush it out by voting for him. With that, it's time to vote.

Dan votes for Gillian, saying she's a sweet woman but this is how he thinks the group is voting. The editors hate Ken, so they show him stepping up to vote and dropping the cap of the marker. Gillian votes for Ken. Crystal does not stand up and announce she's voting for Gillian, but writes down her vote like everyone else. We don't see Randy's vote but his "sorry, I wish it wasn't you" comment leads us to think he's not voting for Gillian. Hmmm.

Probst asks if anyone wants to play his immunity idol. Dan doesn't move. First vote goes to Gillian. Second vote goes to Kenny. And then it's Gillian all the way. "Gillian, the tribe has spoken," Probst says. "Bummer," Gillian says. Ha! Best exit line ever. Well, it's been a boring, if hippo-tastic, season so far, but it's still very young. Unlike Gillian. Bummer.

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