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A wasp crawls into Mofo Maji's water spigot. Ants crawl on things, too, and then Lex Loser whispers to Ethan that things couldn't be any better for the Boran alliance; he says it's going exactly as they want it to go. Teresa whispers to a leather suitcase -- oh, wait, that's Kimj -- that the men are controlling the game and making all the decisions. She says, "If nothing else, I'd like to see the women get in there." In a confessional, Kimp tells us that she and Teresa aren't ready to give up yet; they're scrambling to figure out what they can do to stay in the game. Teresa tells Kimj how great Ethan is and how no one can say a bad thing about him. She says that if Kimj comes up against any of the Boran men in the final vote, she will lose. Teresa then tells us in a confessional that she knows it's a long shot, but that if she can persuade Kimj to vote against Ethan, then they might be able to stay in the game. Kimj humors Teresa and pretends to count out on her fingers the new women-and-Frank alliance, and then Teresa tells us in a confessional that she could be hurt by turning to Kimj, but it's her only chance. We next see Kimj approach Ethan and rat out Teresa. In a confessional, she explains her awareness of the Boran men's lack of allegiance to her; nevertheless, she tells Teresa she will remain true to her Boran allies. Kimj knows she had the opportunity to save the Samburus, but didn't do it in the end, and now she worries that she might be hurt by that decision. Teresa whispers to Frank that it's "not coming together," and he says he's knows it's not, and bows his head again. Much as I don't agree with what Frank has to say, I prefer him stupid and blustery and opinionated than head-bowed and beaten.

Mofo Maji arrives at Tribal Council. Brandon, in his Hot Topic muscle shirt, and Kelly, in Africa-inspired Burberry plaid, strut in. Peachy congratulates the remaining players on making it almost a full month in the game. He re-explains how in Survivor the power gradually shifts from the remaining players to the jury, and wonders how they can vote against people and then expect their allegiances later. He calls out Teresa as he cites Kelly and Brandon as "people [she] had a hand in voting out." Teresa thinks that she's playing fair; she just hopes they'll respect her decisions. Ethan says that you have to hope that how you treated people before their eliminating vote will put you in a good light. He points out that he knows it's just a game, but in the end you still have to look out for yourself. Peachy asks Lex Loser whether he expects the game to turn ugly. Lex Loser responds the game has already gone through ugly times, has turned for the better, and will turn ugly again. He thinks that everyone there -- whether still in the game or on the jury -- came to play and win, and that it is possible to play with integrity, but it's also naïve to dismiss the fact that the essence of Survivor is a "bones-to-bones competition." Peachy asks Frank whether the old tribal lines remain, and Frank says they're a new tribe with a new name. He says "everyone belonged to it" and that strategy now is all about the new tribe. Finally, Peachy asks Kimj whether she feels safe because she's weak and thus not a threat, or if she fears that her likeability will make her a target. She says she's always worried, and that she'd be worried if she were strong, too. Isn't that the point? She says it doesn't matter how weak or how strong she is: if she's supposed to be next to go, she'll go. Lex Loser's irritating fatalism has rubbed off.

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