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To the Victor Go the Spuds

It's time for the vote, and Kimj goes first. We don't see for whom she votes, but the camera focuses on Teresa's face as Kimj says, "I've enjoyed you as a person, but we have to vote somebody off and you're my next logical choice. I'll miss you, though." Kimp votes and we don't see who she votes for either, but we're supposed to think it's Tom or Ethan. She says, "It's been good for me to be around someone so different from myself and learn from you. I'm glad that we actually got to spend some time together." Teresa shocks the hell out of the viewing audience by voting for Frank. She insists that it's not a vote of betrayal but one of strategy, and then she thanks Frank for his friendship and kisses her vote. She returns to her seat, massages Frank's neck, and bawls. Lex Loser looks smug; Tom looks cross-eyed; Ethan looks not-so-pretty in his do-rag.

Peachy reads the votes, which are devoid of suspense: Frank, Kimj, Frank, Frank, Frank. Frank's fourth vote is enough, and he's called to turn in his torch. Teresa looks hopeful for a hug or at least some eye contact, but she's denied. Frank stands very erect for the extinguishing of his torch. If he shows any emotion, his family will be shamed forever. I'm confused. Peachy sends the remaining Mofo Maji members back to camp and a parting shot of the jury reveals that neither Kelly or Brandon look pleased at the elimination of their mutual enemy. Then again, they just realized they've been sentenced to a week in his company.

Next week on Survivor: Kimj needs some serious sunblock; Teresa wants to form the new Spice Girls, and all the S6 receive videos from home. Tune in to see what kind of woman married Big Tom. It's almost as much of a mystery as what kind of man married Sue Hawk.

As the credits roll, we confirm that it was a unanimous vote for Frank except for his own vote, against Kimj. Frank's sweet farewell speech is sob-inducing. He talks about his "lovely wife" and his family's "unselfish sacrifices," and tells them that as their husband, father, and friend, he apologizes for not winning. He loves them and misses them and thanks them, and down the road he promises to "make all [their] dreams come true." And then he throws himself on his extinguished torch.

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