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Now Ethan and Tom fetch firewood together and discuss the status of their alliance as it pertains to Lex Loser's vote in the last Tribal Council. In a confessional, Tom tells us that Lex Loser is worried, because he jeopardized the Boran alliance when he voted against Frank instead of Brandon. We now see Lex Loser is by himself fetching wood about six feet away from where Ethan and Tom are having their conversation...about him. Ethan tells Tom that before beginning the game, he was "totally 100% anti-alliance." He says he wanted to do it "[himself] and all by [himself]," but he concluded that it's impossible. Then they both agree, "You can't do it." Tom explains to Ethan that he feels betrayed by Lex Loser, and Ethan responds that he doesn't understand why Lex Loser didn't tell them he was voting separately. I'm confused: I thought Lex Loser did tell them he wouldn't vote against Brandon. In any case, Tom rants that Lex Loser did it on his own and in doing so proved he was only worried about himself. He says that only now is Lex Loser worried about the others. In a confessional, Ethan posits that Tom is "true" to Ethan and to Kimj, but that it will take a little bit to get Lex Loser back on Tom's good side. Tom then tells us he doesn't know what will happen in the future, but "from here on out, [he'll] have question with Lex Loser." Tom and Ethan carry their wood-laden stretcher past Lex Loser and Frank going the opposite way. They greet each other, and it's a moment packed with ominous tension and fearful angst. Except not.

A monkey eats; elephants eat; birds eat. The S7 don't eat, but do retrieve a little wobbly-headed pig from the treemail. I have a little turtle just like that wobbly-headed pig. It's made from a real nut! Tom puts his head next to the little pig and asks, "What's the difference between the pig and this?" Ethan says, "No boil on the pig?" The others cackle and Teresa says she had the same answer to Tom's riddle. The pig has tusks, so maybe it's a boar? In any case, Teresa reads the clue aloud like she's reading to five-year-olds. In a way, she is. The poem is about needing strength down the road and having a "good carbo load." They're informed of protein and sugars headed their way, and also that "if [they] are clever, these gifts [they] may earn." Having already seen the upcoming event, I can't figure out wherein lies the clever. Getting there?

The S7 arrive at the designated site, and Peachy tells them that the day's reward challenge will be a break from the challenge and instead is just "pure reward." Each of the S7 has been given a "personalized wallet" with 20,000 Kenyan shillings inside. Peachy announces, "We're gonna have a little bit of an auction," and then yells, "Survivor auction!" because evidently they weren't enthusiastic enough. He also warns the S7 that the auction will end abruptly, because there is a predetermined number of items up for bid. The bidding will be in 500 shilling increments, and Peachy explains that $1 USD is roughly equivalent to 100 Kenyan shillings. I have no idea why the currency conversion even matters in this situation; all that matters is that they win some food and spend as much of their money as possible. Finally, the S7 are told that they can share auction items as long as they pool the money for the purchase, which seems like a ridiculous rule, but it doesn't matter, since it isn't enforced later anyway.

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