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To the Victor Go the Spuds

The first item up for auction is a hot cup of coffee with sugar, and "a nice big chocolate croissant." Peachy starts the beginning at 3,000 shillings; no one else wants this reward, so Lex Loser wins for the opening amount which Peachy proclaims "a bargain."

Next up is a cheese and crackers plate for 4,000 shillings. Kimj bids against Ethan and wins with a 6,000 shilling bid. As she prepares to bite into the hunk of cheese, she says to Just Peachy, "Look at that!"

Up next is "a nice cold beer," and Peachy starts the bidding at 4,000 shillings. Trying to increase the desirability of the beverage he says, "Big Tom, you gotta be missing beer!" Big Tom isn't having it for 4,000 shillings, and says he'll give Peachy 1,000. Someone reminds Tom that the bidding started at 4,000 shillings, but he doesn't care. While the topic appears to remain under debate, Peachy bangs down the gavel and announces Tom the victor. Clearly, he wants Tom to have the beer. Tom dashes off the bleachers while the others cheer. As he prepares to chug, Tom says, "Sorry, boys!" because I guess no girls care about winning a beer -- they'd rather win knitting needles and bread machines and it's like that Brady Bunch episode when the boys want a rowboat and the girls want Kitty Carryall dolls or something equally gender-biased and finally they build a card house to determine which gender will prevail and Marcia's bracelet almost knocks over the card house but doesn't and then Tiger jostles Peter's hand and the boys lose but the girls go buy a television which makes everyone happy. Or something stupid like that. Anyway, Tom does a happy little jig as he drinks the beer. My husband dances like that! Tom returns to his seat on the bleachers and announces, "I can bid better with a little drink in me!" Ethan looks part amused, part scared as Tom sits next to him.

The next item is ice cream and chocolate syrup which causes Peachy to explain, "That there is a sundae!" Kimp "Oh my God"s and then places a 6,000 shilling bid. Tom bids against her, and Peachy warns, "It may not get any better than this." Ethan joins Tom in the bidding. At 10,500, Tom wants to "let her have it," but Ethan disagrees and they raise their bid to 11,000 shillings. Kimp is worried because she'll have no money left, but Tom and Ethan appear more amused than anything else. When Kimp's bid reaches 12,500 shillings, Tom and Ethan agree to let her have the prize. As Kimp tearfully pigs out, Lex Loser asks how the sundae is; she responds, "I can't talk!" Peachy rubs it in to the others: "How good does that chocolate syrup look right now?" and then Kimp brags about how hot it is. Peachy goads her into admitting that she overpaid for it, but she says it doesn't matter. Ethan then says he'll give Kimp 1,000 shillings for a bite, and she says she'll do it for 1,500. It doesn't appear that the transaction takes place.

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