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Next, Peachy produces a "mug of pure chocolate syrup" and opens the bidding at 5,000 shillings; no one cheers when Ethan wins because they're confused as to why he bid in the first place. Ethan complains that the syrup is hot.

Everyone bids on the next mystery item, except Lex Loser, who doesn't want to get "gooned." After asking Teresa to join her in the bidding and being turned down, Kimj wins anyway, but can't look as Peachy removes the lid and says, "You just won a hell of a meal," consisting of fried chicken, greens, and mashed potatoes. Lex Loser offers to give Kimj 7,000 shillings for half her meal, and Ethan says he'll trade 5,000 just for the potatoes. Kimj ignores these propositions and instead offers to sell Teresa one piece of chicken for 4,000 shillings, which seems really generous of her. Lex Loser really wants that chicken, and Teresa remains resistant. Peachy asks what she's holding out for, and Teresa answers, "Fried chicken and mashed potatoes." Kimj obviously wants to share the meal with Teresa, but Lex Loser continues bidding and finally wins half the meal.

The next item up is intended to be another mystery, but Teresa crankily tells Peachy just to show it to them. As he reveals a hoagie, the other members of Mofo Maji urge Teresa to bid. She pools her money with Frank, and the two former Samburu members bid against the Boran collaboration of Tom and Ethan. When Tom runs out of money, he tells Teresa, "If you give me a thousand, I'll quit bidding." Hee. Finally, Teresa wins the hoagie and tells the others, "It's good enough to make you wanna slap your momma."

A third mystery item is presented; Tom and Ethan once again pool their money for it, and this time they win. As Tom goes to the front to claim his prize, Peachy says, "Now, I did you right last we're even." Tom peeks underneath the lid, cringes, and sadly says, "He did me wrong." He then beings jumping up and down saying, "I'll kill you, I'll kill you, I'll kill you!" But then he concludes, "...after I kiss you!" It turns out it's a breakfast plate of pancakes, ham, and eggs. Tom is overjoyed when he sees the food, and then even more excited when he realizes he's sharing the meal with someone who can't eat half of it. He begins yelling, "He's a Jew and he won't eat the ham! He's a Jew! He's a Jew!" ["He's also a vegetarian, but...whatever." -- Wing Chun] Ethan is clearly not taking offense to this; he's dying of laughter. Tom, meanwhile, continues running around and dancing with the plate in hand. Peachy wants him to settle down and eat. Tom continues gloating, and then says of Ethan being unable to eat the ham, "I mean, I hate it for him. I wished he would." Peachy invites Ethan to join Tom, and Ethan breakdances off the bleachers. Ham or no ham, he's still excited. Tom and Ethan rejoice in their prize while Kimp looks a little sad, because when you're starving I don't imagine whipped cream hits the spot quite the same way ham does. As he dismisses the tribe, Peachy says, "I hope you had fun." And Tom responds like a little kid, "I did. I did!"

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