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Meanwhile, everyone on the younger tribe just wants to have fun! They all go swimming and Brenda says they're getting along well and happy to be there. NaOnka, meanwhile, is not pleased. She says everyone on her tribe just wants to go swimming and they are "a bunch of idiots." She wishes she was on the other tribe, who she expects already have a shelter built with a door, windows, basement and attic. "Cause I know those women were sitting up there weaving," she says. Well, she was right about that.

Night falls on Espada and the shelter is finally complete. Jimmy T. says he was upset with the way the guys spoke to him earlier, saying "maybe they just weren't eloquently in the way they spoke to me." Yes, as opposed to Jimmy T., who, as we just heard, is a fucking wordsmith. Basically, Jimmy T. isolated himself as a belligerent weirdo from the start and it was only a matter of time until Espada got rid of his annoying ass. The tribe piles into the shelter and lies down. Marty says things are going well so far, but you never know because this game changes all the time. And with that, the floor of the shelter collapses. Someone reacts with a sad trombone sound effect, which was freaking awesome. I wish I knew who did that, because then I would have cheered for him until he was voted out. Unless it was Dan, who will never be voted out so I can cheer for him forever.

And then it's Day 4 and we are still at Espada. Probst claims that Jimmy Johnson "emerged as the group's natural leader." He does this by calling the tribe together for a meeting about sleeping arrangements. This leads to the men joking about spooning with each other, and Jimmy Johnson telling Tyrone he was his favorite person to spoon with. "I needed a cigarette when I woke up," Tyrone says.

Moving right along, we skip ahead to Day 9 at La Flor to focus on Jud and his game plan to avoid leadership, stay under the radar, and sneak his way to the end. And be a total klutz. First, he gets some hot pepper juice in his eye and whines about the burning for a while. NaOnka interviews that Jud needs bubble wrap all around his body because his stupidity gets him hurt no matter what he does. Sure enough, Jud tries to pick some fruit off a tree, only to find a beehive. I think they just put bee sound effects in there, though, because no one is freaking out about being stung by bees or anything, which they probably would or should be if the bees were as close and as numerous as the buzzing suggests. Anyway, Jud falls out of the tree. Next, he steps on a thorn. He interviews that if people thinks he's young and goofy, they won't consider him a threat, so that's good. And he's right -- it's gotten him this far in the game and his name has yet to come up. Jud may be a secret Survivor genius after all. Jud then walks into the ceiling of the shelter and bonks his head before taking a walk on the beach with Jane and another woman whose face I can't see. The women have no problem landing a small jump off a ledge, but Jud slips and hits himself in the ass.

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