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And then we go back in time to Jimmy Johnson's boot and the remaining Espada men trying to "fill the leadership vacuum" that the editors are determined to prove to us existed despite all evidence to the contrary. Espada didn't need Jimmy Johnson's leadership, didn't seem to do much with it, and they lost all the challenges that he was their "leader" for. Marty says he is now in total control of the game, but Tyrone suddenly makes his presence known by "suggesting" that they move the campfire Marty just lit away from the shelter and the woodpile, lest they catch on fire as well. Marty dismissively says there's no way the campfire will set anything else alight. Tyrone wants to move it anyway, and points out that the fact that he's a fireman and all should suggest that he knows more about fire than anyone else there. That's not a bad point, albeit really condescendingly made. Also a good point? That they shouldn't put the fire so close to piles of dry wood. Tyrone must have laughed his ass off when he saw the camp burn down last week. I hope Probst mentions this at the reunion, but he probably won't even look at Tyrone because he'll be too busy kissing Jimmy Johnson's third-booted ass. Marty runs off to interview that Tyrone is only talking so people will think he's important. Back at camp, he gives up on trying to help Tyrone move the fire and storms off, saying Tyrone can do whatever he wants with the fire. Which is good, because that's obviously what Tyrone was going to do anyway.

Tyrone says that Marty had a hissy fit and acted like a "little girl," then decides to confront Marty about it. Frankly, I thought they were both acting like assholes to each other in that exchange, but Tyrone proves himself to be the biggest asshole when he tells Marty never to speak to him like that again because Tyrone thinks he gave Marty respect but Marty didn't give it back. It was pretty clear to me that neither of them respected the other, but whatever. "If you come at me disrespectful again ... I'ma do the same and it's gonna be ugly," Tyrone says. Okay, if people being respectful towards you is that freaking important, don't go on Survivor. Marty thinks Tyrone is blowing this just a little bit out of proportion and says he does not respond well to threats. Tyrone says he was just trying to come to Marty the right way even though he knew it wouldn't be an "easy conversation" for either of them to have. Marty awesomely retorts that threats usually don't make for easy conversations. Tyrone says he was not threatening Marty, and he would know if Tyrone was. And I guess that attitude is why the post-swap Espada tribe voted Tyrone out as quickly as possible.

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