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Big Turkey

After the break, the tribes have switched and Marty and Jill are pretty much screwed. Jane makes sure the young people know that she can make fire, catch fish, and do the Cabbage Patch at every possible opportunity, and Jill interviews that she has a feeling Jane will flip to the young people's side to save her own skin and the young people will be happy to have her because she keeps them fed. Indeed, Jane interviews that her ability to do anything and everything around camp is part of her strategy in this game, and she's been preparing herself for it for months before it even started. Even though she claims she's really poor and needs the prize money more than anyone else, she says she bought a sauna to sit in to get used to being in the heat. She sets out a bunch of fishing lines and winds up catching dinner, but when she runs off to start a secret fire to cook and eat it herself, the sun is too low for her to use her glasses, so she has to sneak back to camp and steal an ember from the firepit.

Jane returns to camp, where Brenda informs her that someone is getting water to boil for a crab dinner tonight. Jane recommends that Brenda "go down yonder" and wash the crabs in the ocean. Brenda does, and Jane sidles up to the fire while recommending that the remaining contestants hanging out nearby go down to the ocean to give Brenda a hand. This works, and Jane easily grabs a burning stick from the fire and takes off unnoticed. She interviews that she isn't like this in real life, and her behavior on this show has nothing to do with her behavior at home. On this show, she'll do and say whatever she has to in order to win the million dollars. Apparently, it's okay for her to do that but when Marty is mean to her, he's evil and wrong. Jane starts her secret fire and eats the fish.

Over at Espada, Dan is still trying to figure out who from their original tribe stayed and who went to La Flor. Like most of us, he forgot that Yve even existed, and has to be reminded by Holly. He gets to work on buttering the young people up, saying that Holly picked "the cream of the crop" and they're going to win every challenge now. With that, he plays with his hair, which is pretty long and has a strange texture to it since it's basically gray hair that he dyed jet black in an effort to convince himself that he's not as old as he is. Ben tactfully points out that Dan's roots are coming in and when he messes his hair up "it looks like a wig." Dan sits up, and he does have a serious case of Pacino Mop there. It reminds me of that episode of The Office when Creed died his hair jet black using printer ink to convince Ryan that he was young and hip. Dan worries in an interview that this may not be enough to convince the young kids to keep him around, despite the fact that he lets Holly sculpt his hair into an awesome fauxhawk, but Alina interviews that Dan is a valuable member of the tribe because he's weak and therefore a loyal vote they can count on. That seems to be Alina's only strategy in this game -- it's what she used to try to convince the tribe to keep her in, too.

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