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Day 16 at La Flor, and Marty's life sucks. He talks to Sash about his options, and Sash says Marty's idol makes people nervous. Marty insists that he's not planning on doing anything with that idol until after the merge, and Sash says that he thinks his chances in a Final Two against Marty are better than with anyone else, so he wants to keep Marty around. This makes Marty think that Sash is very smart and worth trusting. Sash, meanwhile, says that while he was sincere when he said he thought Marty would be the easiest person on La Flor right now to beat in the end, he also has Final Two agreements with basically everyone else in this game. We see him talk to NaOnka, Alina, Jud, and Brenda separately about this, as if they were never going to compare notes and find out what an insincere schemer he is. Which, apparently, they didn't. So I guess that was a good idea.

After the break, the tribes have merged to form Libertad. Soon after, NaOnka steals their merge feast flour as Holly observes. NaOnka buries the flour. "They're so stupid," says the woman who just stole food from a bunch of starving people. Back at camp, the contestants notice that their flour is missing and Holly asks NaOnka what she did with it. NaOnka denies everything. Dan pipes up to say that whoever stole their flour, "something should happen to them. To them, or their family." Jud laughs as if Dan is kidding. He is not. Look at his face. He is deadly serious. NaOnka's family is sitting in the bottom of the East River right now.

Sometime later, NaOnka goes to Holly and confesses what she did. Holly thinks NaOnka's guilty conscience got the best of her. She says she isn't going to tell anyone what NaOnka told her, but NaOnka is going to have to get out of this somehow. NaOnka thinks she can just put the flour back when no one is looking and no harm will be done and no one will know that she was the one who stole it. Holly gives NaOnka some maternal advice: when you do something wrong, it's best to confess and apologize. "You're gonna get farther in life," she says. And that might be true, were it not for the fact that NaOnka did that on national television and is a shitty person besides. So no matter how much she owns up to her behavior now, it's probably too late. Of course, we'll never know for sure, since NaOnka will never, ever admit that she's in the wrong about anything.

NaOnka interviews that Holly somehow reminds her of her own mother, and so she respects her. Really? Is NaOnka saying that she also respects her real mother? Because it's my respect for my mother that would keep me from: a) going on a reality show in the first place, and b) being a total disaster trainwreck if I did go on a reality show. Anyway, I guess this all has a lot to do with NaOnka eventually choosing Holly's side over Brenda's. NaOnka tells Holly that she told her the truth because she "loves" Holly, and it took "a lot" for her to be honest and admit she screwed up. I think it might have also had something to do with the fact that Holly saw her steal the flour in the first place, but whatever. NaOnka cries, and Holly tells her to put the flour back and gives her a hug. "We all make mistakes," she says. Um, knocking the flour over onto the ground is a "mistake." Stealing it because you're mad that Jud ate a tortilla or whatever is "proof that you're a shitty human being."

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