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And so, as the sun sets, NaOnka finally confesses, although she still claims that she was just taking half of the flour to help everyone ration it better. Though Dan was furious and threatening family members before, now that he knows the perpetrator was female, he's okay with it. "I don't think it's strange to see a young woman go nutso. If it happens to a woman, you expect it," he says. That comment should make me very angry, and yet, it doesn't. I don't know why, but everything that comes out of Dan's mouth is awesome. Even when it insults me. He adds that he is a chauvinist, but that's just his "Brooklyn attitude." You know, my brother lives in Brooklyn right now and I don't think he's aware that that fact can excuse all kinds of behavior. Maybe I should tell him. Dan says if a man stole the flour, however, he would have told him to "get the fuck out of here and don't come back." And unlike Tyrone's threats, that probably would have scared someone.

NaOnka leads the group to the clearing to dig up the flour. But now she can't remember where it is. This seriously annoys Jud, as well it should. He interviews that he hopes she goes home soon. Even Brenda is not pleased with NaOnka's behavior, and interviews that she's too emotional to be a good ally. Meanwhile, Sash, Marty, and Dan are standing right on top of the spot where NaOnka buried the flour and not finding it, while we see Jud searching for it up a tree. NaOnka talks to Chase, who says she "really screwed up" but their alliance is still strong and she is in no danger. Chase interviews that he couldn't believe NaOnka would do something "so stupid" when she had an easy ride to the end as part of a strong alliance. Well, now her ride is actually that much easier since she's an even better choice to take to the end than she was before. Also, was Chase really that shocked after all the other shit he's seen NaOnka pull? Although I guess that was okay when he wasn't the victim. In the end, NaOnka finds the jar of flour. "We gotta get her out now," Jud interviews; "um, I like her -- well, don't wanna say that." I love how Jud's first impulse is to say he likes someone. I guess it's easy to be so positive and happy when you're both attractive and stupid.

Night 21 at Libertad, and the contestants are subjected to Chase's singing because he wants to use this show to launch his music career. He sings a song about his dead dad and it makes everyone cry. Even Brenda, who usually has no feelings. She says she was able to re-focus soon after, because if you want to do well in this game, you can't have emotions. And Chase, she says, is "super-emotional" and trying to be a nice guy seems to be his only goal out here. So that means he won't win, which also makes him the perfect ally for Brenda. Except for when he's too nice of a guy to do anything to save her from being voted out. Oops.

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