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Women Are Useless And/Or Bitchy

Probst gives Onamatopoeia their reward and the immunity idol, then sends both tribes back to their camp. Julie says that they may have lost the challenge, but that means they'll be able to get rid of Krista or Stephanie tonight, so it's all good.

The vulture buzzard is still picking away at the dead fish, albeit now on Onomatopoeia's beach, as they return to camp and dig into their reward. The sugar high causes them all to dance around oddly and Phillip to act somewhat normal, interviewing that today's win means we get to see his bright white teeth as he is full of smiles. The ladies of the tribe even let him hug them, but none of them go for his offer to trade one of his donuts for a massage.

Meanwhile, Grant has learned a few tricks from his best buddy Rob, and takes a look inside their jar of coffee to find a reward clue. Which isn't really that brilliant since they totally hid a reward clue scroll in a jar of coffee like two seasons ago. A season in which Rob was a contestant, by the way. Grant tells Rob to take a sniff of the coffee so he'll see the clue, too, but now they have to figure out how to get it without the rest of the tribe seeing them. Fortunately, the rest of their tribe are morons, so all they have to do is take the jar and walk away. Rob takes the scroll and says he's going to go hide it, while Grant brings the coffee beans back to camp. Grant returns to camp with his nose stuck in the coffee jar, acting like it's just the smell of beans that has him so excited. Rob, meanwhile, decides to switch the new clue with his older one, since he knows it'll be impossible for Grant to find the idol with that vague clue and, thus, Grant will never realize that the idol has already been found. Also, Rob is doing this because he's bored and knows it will make for good TV. Sure enough, he shows the clue to Grant and they both have no idea what to make of it. They end up burying it elsewhere. Rob cheerfully interviews that at least he's finding ways to entertain himself.

While a bunch of nasty birds eye a sea turtle's freshly-laid eggs hungrily, the six Zapato allies get together to do some fishing and talk about how David should have done the puzzle instead of Stephanie. Sarita defends her decision, saying that David gets too stressed under pressure. David does not appreciate this. He says he's awesome under pressure. Sarita says she knew he'd be good at the puzzle, but wasn't so sure about the maze part. David says he is going to do all the puzzles from now on and that's it. Again, he could have stepped up and said this back before the challenge started, but he was perfectly happy to let Stephanie take on the responsibility and thus the fall. And now he's perfectly happy to let Sarita take the blame for choosing Stephanie in the first place when it was supposedly a group decision. They return to the camp and continue to discuss the loss. Mike says they just need to win again and will as long as they don't have the same "personnel problems" they did today. Stephanie doesn't like hearing that, but can't really say anything about it, either. Mike interviews that Krista and Stephanie chose to align with Li'l Russell, so the fact that one of them is going home tonight is their own fault.

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