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The Big Move

Elsewhere, A-Jenn tells Tom that Gregg has just mentioned feeling "paranoid," but she says she told him he had nothing to feel paranoid about. Good one! Tom assures her that there's nothing to be concerned about. And of course he would tell her, I guess is her theory.

Back at the Ian/Katie talk, he tells her he'd rather see her in F2 with him than see her get dumped now because she wasn't smart enough to jump while she could. "The reason Ian wants me with him in the end is so he'll win," Katie says in an interview, somewhat indignantly. And...Katie. Seriously. The reason you want Ian not with you in the end is so you'll win. See how it's oddly reversible? It's the same! He's him! You're you! Otherwise? Same thing! Katie says that she'll have to make her decision based on what she thinks best serves her chances of winning. And who could be against that? Well, except Katie, if someone else were doing it. And Lex, I guess.

Tribal council. Jeff welcomes the team and brings in the jury. Steph is a pretty girl, but she was hotter as a castaway, because that is some Jersey mall hair she's working. Jeff then asks about the politics of the reward and asks Gregg how he felt about it. Gregg allows that it's an awkward situation, and that while it was great to go on the reward, it was very tough to leave the team back at home.

Jeff then asks about the way the reward challenge itself played out, and Caryn mutters that the team thought she'd had too many food rewards or something. Jeff insists that the way you chop ropes in that challenge is a big deal -- look at how Gregg asked A-Jenn if it was okay to take a shot at her. The tribe all laughs at Gregg, but Jeff says he's serious. He then turns to Jenn and asks about the perception that she and Gregg are a couple. Her answer is too boring to repeat. Gregg then gives a speech that is the same. You know, they're playing their own games, blah blah.

Jeff asks Caryn about bringing all her stuff with her to the challenge. She says that she always expected to be voted out, from the very beginning when she found herself on the outside of an alliance of five, along with Janu, Willard, and Coby.

Jeff asks Tom about the fact that, now, it's six people who have all been together. He asks if this changes the game. Tom says that they're all friends, but that they're all looking to "slit each other's throats," and that they all understand that it's a game and so forth. For once, I think that might actually be true for most of them. Shocking.

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