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The Big Move

Does Ian want to give up immunity? He does not.

So now, it is time for the vote. Tom votes. A-Jenn votes. Ian votes for Gregg, calling him "the dark horse" again. Gregg votes. Caryn votes. Katie votes. Jeff goes off to tally. When he returns, the first vote goes to Caryn. Second to Caryn. Third to Gregg, who doesn't look too freaked. Fourth to Gregg, who abruptly looks very freaked. That's a problem, and he knows it. Jenn makes a concerned face. Fifth vote to Gregg. And sixth vote? To Gregg, the thirteenth person voted off. "You guys are good," Gregg says as he stands up. Coby -- totally scandalized in his Mork shirt over on the jury -- makes a face of hilarity and covers his mouth, like, who cares, dork? They beat you. (Miss Alli's Mom, showing her usual good taste in contestants: "Coby, it's not about you anymore.") Ian goes over to Jeff, and his torch is snuffed. A-Jenn makes a very, very, very unhappy face. Mixed with shock. And food poisoning. Jeff tells the tribe that it's clear that no one is safe, and then he sends them back to camp.

In Gregg's exit interview, he manages to say, essentially, "no hard feelings," and do it in a way that sounds a lot like he has no hard feelings. I'm not sure how that was managed.

Next week: Ian and Katie have some kind of incredibly emotional fight. What's that about, man? I wish she would stop sucking, because if she did, no one left would really suck.

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